What conditions should be met for top medical furniture?

- May 01, 2019-

What conditions should be met for top medical furniture?

Medical furniture is a very important part of hospital furniture planning. It not only has utility and practicality, but also can create an environmental atmosphere, relieve the mood of patients, and improve the quality of hospital space. To create a professional, humanized and family-based treatment environment that can improve the efficiency of medical staff and cater for the needs of patients and clan, will become the trend of medical space development in the future. So what are the requirements for the new “high-fit” medical furniture compared to traditional medical space?

1. Compliance with green environmental protection Green environmental protection is the primary standard for hospital furniture customization and acquisition. Experts have indicated that all the plates used in hospital furniture are strictly required to reach the green environmental protection targets. In the application, gases and substances harmful to the human body cannot be released, and environmental protection requirements must also be reached in production and recovery. In short, the materials selected for interior decoration should meet the characteristics of “provincial power, low consumption, low pollution, easy recovery and reuse”.

2. Meet the requirements of medical functions The primary use of medical furniture is medical personnel, patients and their clan, etc. Due to the large flow of people, the furniture is simpler and more wearable. Therefore, the wear resistance and durability of hospital furniture have become an important consideration in planning and acquisition. In addition, it is necessary to have the characteristics of laboratory furniture, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. For example, medical storage cabinets and medical equipment cabinets are required to be protected against moisture, cross-infection, and wear-resistance. It is necessary to prevent rusting in medical dispensing cabinet handles. Customized medical work furniture | Customized Medical artificial stone basins require strong acid and alkali resistance, good heat resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In short, hospital furniture accessories must be rust-proof, anti-corrosion, and have corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance. In addition, there are some special needs in the medicine cabinet, such as some special control drugs or special medicines, and the demand for constant temperature or humidity.

3. Reflecting the concept of humanized planning Hospital furniture should also pay attention to the humanized planning concept on the basis of satisfying the functional requirements. The first step in the humanization requirement is to carry out ergonomics. The styling should be concise and generous, and it can be used more easily by patients. Looking for Guangzhou Junpeng in hospital furniture planning, such as changing the corners to rounded corners, planning the handrails to facilitate patient walking, etc., to be stable, strong, and not shaken. In addition, hospital furniture planning is also necessary to meet the needs of doctors and patients, for example: The side of the nursing station should be planned according to the average height of the medical population. It is necessary to consider the ergonomic plan for the seat of the visiting doctor, and the sitting height can be finished up and down. The seat surface should be able to be finished before and after the finish, and the material of the seat back and the seat surface should have good air permeability.

4. The color of the furniture is harmonious with the color of the indoor environment. The color scheme of the hospital furniture cannot be separated from the overall atmosphere of the indoor environment. It should be changed on the basis of the color of the indoor environment space on the premise of meeting the functional requirements. In addition, the color of the furniture and the color of the space can directly affect the mind and mood of the person. Therefore, a harmonious way can be used to make the furniture and the space environment color and color together to obtain elegant and quiet effects. In addition, the color of the furniture should also consider the natural lighting conditions in the room. If the lighting conditions are poor, the furniture uses a cold color with a higher purity to highlight the shape of the furniture. If the lighting conditions are good, the furniture should be light or medium in color to make the interior elegant and light. Medical furniture should be tailor-made for the hospital, not only pay attention to the safety, convenience, comfortable human structure, and meet the needs of the operators. It is also necessary to be in harmony with the hospital's environmental atmosphere to build a safe, warm, comfortable, clean, natural and functional environment.

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