What Can The Medical Industry Furniture Exhibition Bring To The Industry?

- Apr 30, 2019-

What can the medical industry furniture exhibition bring to the industry?

The exhibition plan is young: after 90 and 00, it gradually becomes the main consumer, and the consumption structure changes accordingly. This new consumer group cares more about planning and understanding. How to stimulate people's thinking, this time Guangzhou Furniture Fair has a lot of planning elements, with the theme of "CIFFDesign Planning Dream" to explore the integration of new species, new ideas, new spaces, new businesses, more youthful planning and Comprehension also shows us the greater possibility of work. It also breaks the dimension of time and space, presents multiple planning and space scenes with unique opportunities, and has a trip through the dawn, discussing a variety of good life methods, turning the "home" into a personalized expression, creating a young age. The planning feast of words.

The product style is young: In the previous interview, the reporter also learned that the current furniture work in China is generally weak in planning. There is a style of one thousand people. The plagiarism and copying are too strong, and the shopping mall presents a tired phenomenon. With the development of the era, the household consumption groups have become more and more young, and the style of home is also moving towards the direction of youth and fashion. At this exhibition, light luxury and fashion have become the primary styles of participating brands, and are more suitable for young consumers.

In the face of the dense furniture exhibition, enterprises will measure the value of their own, and the exhibitions that adhere to the traditional form will gradually lose their competitiveness. As a way to carry out work trends and provide resource sharing, the exhibition has already played an important role in promoting the development of the work, and therefore requires more constant innovation and greater value in a novel way. Together, as a gathering place for various groups such as brand dealers, dealers, and consumer groups, each group of people comes here with their own needs. The exhibition is transforming the company and launching a more appropriate exhibition communication method; the company is serving customers. Make renovations and plan for more flavorful products. Under the turbulent times, it is better to take the initiative and attack the changes.

Medical furniture is a very important part of hospital furniture planning. It not only has utility and practicality, but also can create an environmental atmosphere, relieve the mood of patients, and improve the quality of hospital space. To create a professional, humanized and family-based treatment environment that can improve the efficiency of medical staff and cater for the needs of patients and clan, will become the trend of medical space development in the future. So what are the requirements for the new “high-fit” medical furniture compared to traditional medical space?

  1. Compliance with green environmental protection Green environmental protection is the primary standard for hospital furniture customization and acquisition. Experts have indicated that all the plates used in hospital furniture are strictly required to reach the green environmental protection targets. In the application, gases and substances harmful to the human body cannot be released, and environmental protection requirements must also be reached in production and recovery. In short, the materials selected for interior decoration should meet the characteristics of “provincial power, low consumption, low pollution, easy recovery and reuse”.

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