There Are 11 Types Of Medical Furniture Structure Types.

- May 02, 2019-

There are 11 types of medical furniture structure types.

The types of medical furniture used in hospitals are rich in variety and styles, and the structural methods of supporting the composition are different. In this small series, we share the structural types and advantages of the structural medical furniture.

The types of medical furniture are mainly divided into 11 types, and there are 6 commonly used types, which are solid-mounted structure, disassembled structure, folded structure, combined structure, bracket structure, and multi-purpose structure.

First, the fixed structure

The fixed structure is also called the assembled structure or the non-removable structure. It refers to the first choice of the joint between the furniture parts (with or without glue), non-removable joints, nail joints and glue joints. Made of disposable equipment, the structure is firm and stable, and can not be disassembled again. Defects: Large size, shipping and handling costs. For example, a common medical home has a solid wood accompanying chair and the like.

Second, the disassembly structure

The disassembly structure is also called self-assembled structure, ready-to-install structure or easy-to-install structure. It refers to the "32mm" system between the various parts of the furniture. It is connected with various disassembled connectors, which can be repeatedly disassembled and equipment.

Detachable furniture is not only easy to plan and produce, but also easy to handle and transport. It can reduce the floor space of the production workshop and the warehouse, and the equipment is installed by the user. This structure is used by most medical furniture. For example, common medical homes have cabinets, chairs, sofas, tables, and the like.

Third, the folding structure

A folded structure refers to the type of structure of a type of furniture that can be folded, stacked or flipped.

The first feature: after use, it is easy to fold up and store, convenient to carry and transport. For example, common medical homes have escort chairs, temporary beds, and ward cabinet furniture.

Fourth, the combined structure

The combined structure is divided into two combinations of unit combination and component combination according to different structures of the constituent units.

Monomer combination: refers to the division of furniture into a number of small monomers, which can be used alone or in combination with one monomer, or several monomers can be combined with each other in height, width and depth to form a new whole. It is characterized by convenient transportation, low floor space, on-demand combination, sensitive style and adaptability. For example, common medical homes have cabinets for treatment rooms, treatment rooms, and wards.

Component combination: refers to the furniture that combines several common standards of common components into different methods and uses through certain equipment structures. The characteristics are to simplify the production organization and management work, and to improve the yield. For example, a common medical home has a medical office chair and the like.

Five, bracket structure

A bracket structure refers to a type of structure of a type of furniture constructed by fixing various components to different heights of a wooden or metal bracket.

The features are sensitive to the fixed method, convenient for indoor space, convenient for cleaning, and applicable to different applicable requirements. For example, commonly used medical furniture mainly has a medicine rack and a shelf for storing medical consumables.

Six, multi-purpose structure

Multi-purpose structure refers to the furniture structure that can be changed for the purpose of slightly adjusting the orientation or connection of some components. Its characteristic is that the furniture of this structure can be used for a multi-purpose, space-saving and multi-functional function. Commonly used medical furniture is the escort sofa of the ward.

Medical furniture companies will carry out structural-related matching planning according to the different space utilization needs of hospitals, and they will be beautiful when they reach the needs of users.

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