The First Authoritative Independent Third-party Testing Joint Laboratory In China Opened

- Aug 11, 2020-

Recently, a grand opening ceremony was held in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Pudong New Area. Many leading guests, including the Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Administration, the Pudong New Area Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Safety Production Supervision Administration, the president of the US SUNTECH Research Institute, and the professor of the Shanghai Institute of Nutrition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the opening ceremony. The era of paying attention to food, medicine, cosmetics, and consumer product safety testing is slowly beginning.

The protagonist of this opening ceremony is Puyan (Shanghai) Standard Technology Service Co., Ltd., the first domestic third-party testing organization that established a joint laboratory with the Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. With a registered capital of 15 million, it has the most advanced chemical laboratory and microbiological laboratory in the world. It not only established a joint laboratory with the German DEKRA Group, the third largest testing group in the world, but also the first in Shanghai to comply with the US FDA and EU EFSA standards. Established food and drug safety testing institutions. It is mainly involved in safety testing and corresponding technical services and consulting in the fields of environment, food, cosmetics, consumer products, electronic and electrical products, automobiles, and medical equipment, and is committed to "protecting the environment and the safety of consumer products, and ensuring the harmony between mankind and nature."

In recent years, various quality and safety issues have been continuously exposed in industries closely related to people's lives, such as food and medicine, which have seriously endangered people's lives and health. For example, melamine in milk powder, Sudan red in food, smelly leather shoes in pills, and other safety issues are always touching our nerves and challenging our limits of survival. Who will guarantee our safety? Eat, use, wear, what else can you trust completely? The establishment of Puyan (Shanghai) Standard Technology Service Co., Ltd. gave us the dawn.

At the opening ceremony, relevant leaders of Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Shanghai Pudong New Area Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, and Shanghai 863 Information Security Industry Base Co., Ltd. respectively delivered wonderful guest speeches, expressing sincere congratulations and Research the expectations of the future. Mr. Yang Chunxu, Chairman of General Research Company, and Mr. Hongfeng Zhao, General Manager, also made a commitment to fulfill the responsibilities of the enterprise, adhere to the quality policy of "scientific management, fairness and accuracy, high-quality service, and continuous improvement", and wholeheartedly build a benchmark for the third-party inspection industry enterprise.

The establishment of Puyan (Shanghai) Standard Technology Service Co., Ltd. marks the arrival of a bright new star in the third-party inspection industry. It also means that our food, medicine, etc. safety has an extra guarantee, and the lives of the people are separated. Creating a trustworthy security environment goes a step further.