The 6th China International Aging Industry Expo 2019

- Dec 09, 2019-

The 6th China International Aging Industry Expo 2019 was held in Guangzhou.


With the advancement of the medical industry and the continuous deepening of medical reform, the hospital's requirements for professionalization and modernization of logistics management are continuously increasing. In order to share the theoretical results and practical experience of hospital logistics management across the country, and strengthen the learning and communication between hospitals, this time The conference is based on "Management, Innovation, and Art", with 1 theme forum and 10 sub-forums

In the sixth China International Aging Industry Expo in 2019, there are more than 2,000 institutions, including domestic hospitals, hospital logistics service companies, domestic and foreign energy-saving and environmental protection technology companies, hospital architectural design and equipment, materials, and intelligent construction of hospital logistics. Get together.


Guangzhou Youdepin Industrial Co., Ltd. was an export OEM processing company in the early stage. The company mainly produces and processes all kinds of hospital furniture (such as guidance tables, nurse stations, treatment tables, dental tables, medical consultation tables, pharmacy cabinets, disposal tables, dispensing Professional products such as counters, medical pedal-type sorting garbage bins, medical induction garbage bins, medical stainless steel cabinet racks, sewage sinks, medical immersion tank cabinets, ward wardrobes, medical shoe cabinets, chargeable counters, waiting chairs, logistics department furniture, and other professional products) , Professional laboratory cabinets for production laboratories (such as side tables, center tables, sky platforms, instrument tables, gas cylinder cabinets, fume hoods, etc.), laboratory instruments, laboratory decoration, standardized product evaluation room operation tables, and sensory evaluation software , Ventilation system engineering, clean room engineering, workshop purification, experimental pure water, waste gas, waste water, waste residue treatment engineering. Laboratory monitoring system, hospital supporting decoration anti-Beite wall system, operating room, etc. Design services for laboratories, hospitals and other places. The service to create professional first-class system engineering for you is currently one of the few modern laboratory equipment systems and One of the professional one-stop service providers of medical furniture system engineering. The company has always adhered to the tenet of "quality first, customers first, quality service, and abiding by the contract". With its high-quality products, good reputation, and quality service, the products are sold well in nearly thirty provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and far Sold in Europe, America and other countries. Dedicated to win-win cooperation with domestic and foreign merchants, common development and create brilliant!