Talking About The Customization Of Medical Furniture

- May 12, 2019-

Talking about the customization of medical furniture

In recent years, with the support and attention of the relevant parties in the medical profession, people pay more attention to the medical profession, and the scale of treatment of the hospital has gradually expanded. The source of doctors and patients is also constantly added, and the use of hospital furniture is followed. The requirements are also constantly improving, and the handling of hospital furniture before and after the use of furniture has also changed.

What is the hospital furniture?

It refers to the sum of a series of operations such as the use of hospital furniture, the setting of stereotypes, the acceptance of goods, the receipt and delivery, the allocation, the protection, the inventory and the scrapping of furniture. The intention is to better assist daily medical activities, timely meet the treatment needs of medical staff, and better meet the needs of patients.

In view of the fact that in recent years, China's hospital furniture has been classified into the overall design of the hospital construction stage, the relevant professional standards rarely mention the term "hospital furniture", and the hospital furniture handling methods are also relatively backward.

At present, there are three points in the current situation of hospital furniture processing in China:

Top of the list, start late

Second, the concept is old

Third, the handling method is backward.

Because some medical institutions do not pay attention to the daily handling of medical furniture, or are not clear, the daily guarantee of logistical protection is not timely, which can not provide timely support for the development of hospital treatment, can not be replaced to meet the needs of doctors and patients, indirectly constitutes a resource dross.

Hospital furniture management has played an important role in the development of medical care. Outstanding medical furniture protection methods and methods, that is, extending the service life of existing furniture, can also reduce the purchase of new furniture, reduce the burden of operating costs, and avoid it together. The workload of medical personnel supports the normal operation of the first line.

Hospital functional room furniture refers to the furniture configuration of the hospital research department, and the functional room is a small laboratory, a PCR laboratory, and the like.

The small non-laboratory laboratory is a place for rapid analysis and identification of bacteria, microorganisms and various body fluids (urine, tissue fluid, etc.) and biochemical immunization projects, and provides a reference for accurate diagnosis of doctors.

The function room needs to be equipped with an exhaust system and adopts a certain disinfection method.

The functional room is divided into a clean area and a contaminated area, and there should be a partition between the areas. Because of the limited space in the small laboratory, the workbench is usually located at the wall, and the center of the house is equipped with large and primary equipment.

The hospital functional room furniture configuration is divided into four aspects:

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