Southern Medical University Nanfang Hospital Expert Team Delivered Academic Lectures To Municipal People's Hospital (with Photo)

- Dec 23, 2019-

On December 17, the Nanfang Hospital expert team from Southern Medical University gave a lecture at the Municipal People's Hospital.



        During the lecture, experts from Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University gave lectures on "Atrial Fibrillation 2019-The Latest Understanding and Treatment Recommendations", "Reversing Atrophic Gastritis and Preventing Gastric Cancer" and "Application of CBT Fixation Technology in Lumbar Infection". The lectures are rich in content, profound in theory and novel in scientific research. Subsequently, the experts also went to six departments including the Department of Gastroenterology, Gynecology, and General Surgery of the Municipal People's Hospital to conduct on-site teaching rounds and provide guidance.

        After listening to the lectures, the medical staff all said that the content of the lectures provided them with an updated and comprehensive understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of related diseases, and benefited a lot.

        It is reported that since the People's Hospital of Nanfang became the "Southern Hospital Technical Cooperation Hospital of Southern Medical University" in 2008, Southern Medical University Nanfang Hospital has provided assistance in hospital management, discipline construction, talent training, scientific research, and remote consultation. In recent years, the discipline construction of the Municipal People's Hospital has been continuously improved, the level of medical technology and management has been rapidly improved, and 12 new disciplines have been added, which can independently carry out intracardiac interventions and cardiac surgery and many other technologies that fill the gaps in western Hainan.

        On the same day, the city's People's Hospital's deputy head nurse or above and middle-level leading cadres, ICU, cardiology, general surgery and other 6 medical department staff attended academic lectures.

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