Shenzhen Ping An Good Medical Laboratory Opening Ceremony And China-Japan Academic Exchange Meeting Held Successfully

- Aug 04, 2020-

On August 1, the opening ceremony of Shenzhen Ping An Good Medical Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Inspection JV Company") with the theme of "Wisdom, Zhihe, Zhiyuan" and the Sino-Japanese academic exchange meeting were successfully held. The chairman and CEO of Ping An International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., and the co-chairman and CEO of Ping An Healthcare Management Co., Ltd. came from government units, industry associations, partners, sister units in Ping An Shenzhen area, and the media to attend.

                                Opening Ceremony of Shenzhen Inspection JV Company

Actively respond to national policies and help build a healthy China

After "Healthy China" is upgraded to a national strategy, the domestic third-party medical and health industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. With the smooth completion of Ping An Good Medical Laboratory in Guangzhou, Hefei and Wuhan, Ping An Group has completed the start-up phase of entering the third-party medical laboratory industry and entered the era of rapid development.

Fang Weihao said that Shenzhen Inspection JV, as the national headquarters of the inspection business of Ping An Health (Inspection) Center, has a very important strategic significance and leading role. He believes that the establishment of Shenzhen Inspection JV Company will surely achieve the goal of collaboration between the shareholders of both parties, will surely bring low-price and high-quality inspection items to the Chinese people, and will surely help China's third-party inspection industry. Contribute.

Chairman and CEO of Ping An International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.,

Co-Chairman and CEO of Ping An Medical Health Management Co., Ltd.,

Fang Weihao, Chairman of Ping An Good Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Hideki Ishizuka, Consul General of the Japanese Consulate General in Guangzhou, sent a congratulatory letter. He believed that with the support of the Chinese and Japanese governments and in an environment of in-depth cooperation, Shenzhen Inspection JV will surely become a model of friendly cooperation between China and Japan.

Congratulatory letter from Hideki Ishizuka, Consul General of the Japanese Consulate General in Guangzhou

Takeuchi Naiwa introduced the current Miraca Group's business structure, business model, Japanese domestic network distribution and laboratory construction planning. Miraca Group takes clinical testing, clinical testing reagents and health care as its three core businesses, and has a "clinical testing industry chain" covering upstream to downstream. He expects that China and Japan can integrate Ping An Group's customers, market advantages and Miraca Group's cutting-edge technology capabilities to provide Chinese customers with high-quality inspection services, while making full use of Ping An Group's IT technology to create new medical technology and service models.

Naraka Takeuchi, President and CEO of MIRACA HOLDINGS Incorporated

Zhong Renqian believes that the entry of third-party laboratories into the medical inspection industry is a great supplement to the medical resources of large public hospitals, and it is also an emphasis on and satisfaction of people's health needs. He hopes that under the close integration of Ping An Group's strong capital and service philosophy with Japanese SRL standards and process optimization, Shenzhen Inspection JV can expand rare and high-precision projects, improve domestic inspection quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Jointly build a medical inspection service platform to promote the in-depth development of the industry

At the Sino-Japanese academic exchange meeting held on-site, "Zhihui·zhihe·zhiyuan", Japanese experts from Miraca Group and SRL and domestic medical laboratory experts jointly discussed the construction of "production, teaching, research and learning" of third-party medical inspection.

Xie Xiaobing, director of the Medical Laboratory and Pathology Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out at the meeting that the education and personnel training of medical laboratory should not only grasp the basic situation of laboratory medicine work in a timely manner and be clear about the work content, but also keep pace with the times. Learn advanced inspection techniques. He expects that Shenzhen Inspection JV will become a "non-public medical inspection Whampoa Military Academy" and jointly build an "international technology incubation and innovation base" to continuously deliver new projects, new technologies, new methods and new developments to the domestic inspection industry.

Xie Xiaobing, Director of the Medical Laboratory and Pathology Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Professor Chen Enqiang from the Infectious Disease Center of West China Hospital of Sichuan University took the clinical screening application of hepatocellular carcinoma marker PIVKA as an example, and shared the importance of innovative product development to promote disease discovery, diagnosis and cure. He hoped that Shenzhen Laboratory JV could be used as a platform for research groups to gather complex relationships among disease indicators, provide accurate interpretation for comprehensive analysis, diagnosis and treatment, and deliver advanced technology and management concepts to more laboratories. , Cultivate domestic medical laboratory personnel and improve the level of inspection services.

At the scene, Shenzhen Inspection JV Company also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Yaxin General Hospital. The two parties will conduct all-round cooperation in the education and training of inspection talents and joint research and development of tumor products to promote the transformation of more scientific research results.

The city of Shenzhen itself is an open fertile soil. It was first born out of reform and opening up, and then it took 40 years to write the miracle of the rise of a modern city. Shenzhen Inspection JV Company opened here. This Sino-Japanese friendly cooperation laboratory will become a new starting point for leading the domestic medical inspection industry towards innovation and upgrading. It will explore more replicable and popularizable technologies and experiences, and will strive to become healthy. Representative laboratories with faster development, higher standards, better quality and better services on China's blueprint.