Mistakes When Buying Hospital Furniture:

- May 03, 2019-

Mistakes when buying hospital furniture:

1. The cheaper the price, the worse the price. The more expensive the price, the better the price. The understanding of the quality is the fault. The purchase of hospital furniture can not only determine the quality by price alone, nor the cheaper, the worse. The quality of some cheap hospital furniture is guaranteed, but the material used is simple and the processing is not very difficult, so the price is very cheap.

2. In order to save the cost, there is no reputation for the manufacturers to buy high-quality brand hospital furniture, but not only the brand manufacturers can have high-quality hospital furniture, but the brand manufacturers can guarantee that the hospital you purchased has relevant safety testing and Quality assurance.

3. The hospital furniture purchased is bright and colorful, and can change the image to the hospital. However, it does not take into account that such a colorful furniture often has a situation where the formaldehyde exceeds the standard. At the time of purchase, it is not noticed whether the above taste is pungent. It is the fundamental method to detect whether formaldehyde has exceeded the standard.

The above is the misunderstanding when buying hospital furniture. The hospital can pay attention to these misunderstandings when purchasing hospital furniture, which means that the hospital is people-oriented and has the role of improving the image of the hospital.

The practice of housing hospital furniture:

1. The layout of hospital furniture must first consider the indoor functional division. Different types of medical space have different hospital furniture selection requirements. The indoor area where furniture can be placed and the area where furniture cannot be placed can be clearly defined. It is more convenient to use the furniture of the hospital, and it also ensures that the treatment will not be hindered.

2. After the indoor partition, it is necessary to further integrate the equipment area of the hospital furniture, and in the selection of the safety of the raw materials of the hospital furniture, to find a trustworthy business, but also the functions, standards, materials, crafts, shapes and The choice of color can ensure the safety of indoor treatment and the effect of better layout.

3. The principle of humanization, the main application of hospital furniture is patients, doctors, in the rest of the hospital's furniture placement to make the best possible improvement of the user's comfort experience, should be placed with the appropriate elderly, pregnant mother sitting leather seat The chair, in turn, improved the comfort and showed the hospital's care for the elderly and pregnant mothers.

The above is the practice of housing hospital furniture. The hospital can stand on the point of view of patients and doctors to consider how to have a comfortable experience, to better house hospital furniture, then the image of the hospital will be much improved.

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