Medical Furniture Process Description

- May 13, 2019-

Medical furniture process description

1. Work furniture is not used for high combustion data

1. Working furniture table group series, the table top is made of non-high-flammability plywood and beauty board, which is difficult to burn. If there is a fire, the plywood will emit low parallel smoke. Cut the timing of inhaling smoke, plywood can not drop sap and glue, etc.; prevent the possibility of being burned.

2. Work furniture screen furniture system, metal aluminum splitter slot. PVC ducts, steel screen structures and interfaces, once again prevent electromagnetic disturbances and wire disturbances, prevent the possibility of fire caused by electrical appliances, and then reduce the chance of fire.

3, working furniture seat series, non-combustible seat cloth; non-flammable foam, to reduce accidental fire, low-flammable foam does not produce excessive smoke and toxic gases, to prevent excessive inhalation of toxic gases when people escape.

2. Functional price in the upper level, detachable and convenient from the new device.

3. Identify environmentally friendly green work furniture:

1. See if there is a green mark; 2. Smell the smell of methanol. 3. Inquire about the background and double-edged. 4. Click on the effect of sealing the edge.

4. Basic materials for work furniture:

1. The specification board is a double-shaped plaque with flaking board as the base material and the surface treated with high-melting melamine; it has abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, convenient cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, melamine veneer Mostly used in panel furniture, it is the main material for work furniture and kitchen furniture;

2. Particleboard originated from the West; walked through nearly half a century; it is a composite sheet produced by crushing wood through extremely high temperature and extremely high pressure. It has the characteristics of non-deformation; flat appearance; stable physical properties and other natural wood.

3. The specification anti-wetting plate is 100% produced in the West. Its substrate has a special formula added during the production process to improve the moisture-proof function of the substrate and inject green pigment and its difference. If the substrate is immersed in water for one day; its expansion rate is only about 10%, so it has a very high anti-wetting function.

4. Specification of melamine paper on the surface of the board; all developed and manufactured by the Standards Group in the West, the quality is higher than the general level, and the price is also a little different; it is not difficult for customers to identify it.

5. Specification plates have a variety of appearances and more than 30 colors to choose from; its only light gray, beech, rice and other colors have been selected by the work furniture industry as the industry benchmark.

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