Laboratory Furniture Company That Passes Quality System Certification And Environmental Certification

- May 08, 2019-

Laboratory furniture company that passes quality system certification and environmental certification

Buyers in the laboratory furniture manufacturers, want to find a reliable enterprise, the so-called reassurance is mainly reflected in the quality of the laboratory furniture itself and the manufacturer's services, and the quality only after a period of time to know, the service is only after cooperation Can you experience it, then what should you do for the competition before the cooperation? We can start from the law and follow the test. Today is January 26th. The roads of laboratory furniture manufacturers always share with you the relevant evidence of this certificate. That is through quality system certification and environmental certification.

Since the establishment of the company, it can be said that it is a professional laboratory equipment research and development, complete laboratory furniture company. All laboratory furniture manufactured by the company can be described as durable and of high quality. This is mainly because we introduce foreign laboratory design concepts and laboratory product processing technology products.

Different materials of laboratory furniture maintenance methods are different

The customers we have worked with know that our company not only has steel-wood laboratory furniture, all-steel laboratory furniture, but also all-wood laboratory furniture, which is customized according to the different needs of each customer. Today is Friday. The laboratory furniture company always wants to say to everyone that the maintenance methods of laboratory furniture of different materials are different. Let's talk about the maintenance methods and precautions of the furniture with one of the materials below, that is, the whole wood. Laboratory furniture.

Everyone knows that there are not only laboratory furniture, but also experimental things, such as water, medicines, etc. It is known that long-term soaking of water on all-wood laboratory furniture will reduce its service life. In particular, the fireproof board is attached with a particle board, and the surrounding is made of PVC edge-sealed board. The board is the least in contact with water. If water is accidentally poured on the cabinet or the board, it must be dried immediately. Wipe dry, if it is not dried in time or not treated for a long time, there will be no change in the short term, but in the long run, the wood will be wet and the edge band will fall off and the edge of the plate will expand and deform. And after the damp, it will also affect the deterioration of the drug.

Whether it is all-steel laboratory furniture or all-wood laboratory furniture, we need to cherish it when we use it, and regularly maintain it. For example, regular cleaning is very important. After cleaning, wipe it with a clean rag. Avoid collision with hard objects or scratches with sharp objects; in order to extend its service life and better use its functions, it should be regularly wiped on the metal parts such as hinges and rails. If the track does not slide smoothly, use a brush to clear the fine dust inside the track. Don't use the brute force to pull and put the door, you should gently pull it.

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