How To Match The Color Of Laboratory Furniture

- May 09, 2019-

How to match the color of laboratory furniture

Clothes need to match with the look to be comfortable, the same experimental furniture also needs to match, it will look more comfortable, today is November 5, 2017, teach you how to match the color of laboratory furniture.

What are the importance of laboratory furniture matching? The colors are well matched, not only can show different laboratory styles, but also have a comfortable aesthetic. The matching method of laboratory furniture: First, the color jump, we should pay attention to the integration when we match the laboratory furniture, we seem to look at the whole, but also show the difference, such as the crimson cabinet, We can match the dark black countertops and it looks very comfortable. Second, when the laboratory furniture is selected, it is more conspicuous for its comparative choice, that is, the application of two or three contrasting colors. Third, when the laboratory furniture is selected for color, for the special difference, the use of red is also to pay attention.

The last thing I want to tell you is that we can make the cabinets pockmarked, which makes it look more comfortable and more harmonious.

Steel-wood experimental bench frame steel frame: It adopts Anshan Steel's high-quality 40mm*60mm steel, the steel thickness is 2.0mm, and it is welded with full seam. The cabinet is made of 18mm dew water melamine board, and the short section is waterproofed with 2mm high quality edge banding. The central test bench uses a triple faucet with a basin size of 550x450x310.

The central experimental bench is equipped with a reagent rack, a drip rack, a water basin, a faucet, a desktop single-port eye wash, etc., and the water tank is surrounded by a water-blocking edge to effectively prevent water from overflowing.

The experimental side table is installed with a pvc power socket at the wall to facilitate the use of experimental instruments or computers. The cabinet design computer host position and computer keyboard, and the desktop opening facilitates the power cord to enter and exit.

The experimental side handles are made of one-piece aluminum alloy handles that are sturdy and durable. The countertops are installed at 800 high places. Some experimental samples, reagents, etc. can be placed in the cabinet to save space.

The fume hood adopts a one-piece fume hood, one exhaust pipe exhausts indoor air, and the ventilating fume hood must be installed with a venting valve. Which one to open when you want to open it, or not.

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