Hospital Furniture Production Concept Requirements

- Apr 28, 2019-

Hospital furniture production concept requirements

According to the requirements of the modern oral medical concept, the dental clinic is divided into a treatment area, a waiting area, a registered charging area, a disinfection room, a medical staff rest area and a walkway according to the functions of each area. The small dental clinic treatment area is divided into a relatively independent treatment area. Large dental clinics are equipped with one or two oral induction treatment stations in each treatment area, and a specialist is set up. This is convenient for the patient's visit, and is also convenient for the distribution of the items, the cooperation of the oral care and the consultation of the superior dentist. The waiting area is connected to the treatment area, but there are walkways separated. Each waiting area has a service desk to provide services for patient visits and consultation. The service desk staff arranges the patient's visit in the order of registration and registration to maintain the waiting order. Assume that a certain specialist disease is gathered in a short period of time, and the service desk personnel have the responsibility and the right to the medical staff of the harmonious specialist to resolve the confrontation caused by the patient's long-term waiting in a short time. In addition, in the dental clinic, the overall layout and various harmony and various work sites should be planned and perfected, so that the employees of each function can fully exert their specialties, so that patients can get the most satisfactory service.

When planning the internal functions of dental clinics, it is necessary to consider the following points: 1 should first confirm who is the customer policy; 2 based on their experience, what are the expectations of the structure of the dental clinic; 3 understand which plans can strengthen patients Responsibility and emotional response to the dental clinic; 4 The planned planning should be compared with the planning of the competition dental clinic to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each other. In attaching importance to the environment of the dental clinic, it is also necessary to pay attention to the rational layout and requirements of internal equipment, and put forward the basic requirements for the internal planning of dental clinics.

The oral medical environment of the dental clinic is based on the human mind, and the medical aesthetics is caused by the physiological-mind mechanism. Once the aesthetic environment is destroyed, it will directly or indirectly damage the physical and mental health of the person. The highest pursuit of dentists and patients in the medical process is recovery. To achieve this goal, people mobilize all elements to restore services, and the functional planning of the oral medical environment is an extremely important part of it.

Due to the progress of the times and the improvement of patient standards, the current dental clinic planning should abandon the feeling of being cold and dim in the past, and try to give people a warm, humanized, bright, clean and professional feeling. The planning of the dental clinic is necessary to satisfy the function of the dental clinic. A modern and high-power dental clinic, if planned according to the concept of “regionalization”, it is necessary to have a waiting room, a registration room, an operation room, a treatment room, and Technician, etc.

The equipment in the dental clinic can be divided into four primary functional centers: 1 hospitality center; 2 educational consultation and registration center; 3 medical center; 4 paid and scheduled registration center.

These are the basic functions of a dental clinic and are indispensable for patient consultation, medical treatment and collection of fees. There are also auxiliary function centers in the dental clinic to help with the operation process. They include: 1 cleanup compensation station; 2 central supply station; 3 transaction center.