Hospital Furniture Needs Green Environmental Protection First,

- May 10, 2019-

Hospital furniture needs green environmental protection first, which is the primary criterion for choosing hospital furniture.

Hospital furniture needs green environmental protection first

In fact, green furniture contains many aspects, such as the use of information, power, low consumption, low pollution, simple recovery and reuse. Limeide hospital furniture manufacturers show that hospitals purchase more steel furniture, while steel-wood materials and engineering plastic materials are more environmentally friendly than wood-panel furniture.

Low pollution green furniture


Hospital furniture should meet the needs of the function, and should be used according to the function. For example, the dental chair required by the dental hospital is different from the requirements of other chairs. The chair plan must have a certain light, and the headrest should be multi-angled.

Functional medical furniture


Hospital furniture also needs to meet the requirements of humanization. The first step of humanization requirements is to carry out ergonomics. The planning should be humanized and easy for patients to use. For example, the corners should be rounded, the handrails should be planned, and the patient should stand up. Tones are more vivid and safe. It is necessary for the hospital's furniture planning to be stable, strong, and not shaken.

Humanized medical furniture

The humanization of hospital furniture is necessary to meet the needs of physicians and patients. For example, the planning of the side of the nursing station should be planned according to the uniform height of Chinese women. It is also necessary to consider the ergonomic planning for the seat plan of the visiting doctor. The sitting height can achieve up and down conditioning, the sitting surface should be able to achieve front and rear conditioning, and the information of the seat back and the sitting surface should have better air permeability. In fact, the humanized needs of hospital furniture also include the humanization of color.

Color humanized medical furniture


The hospital has the necessary structure and ergonomics. The shape should be simple and generous, and the color should be rich and fresh. Our hospital furniture manufacturer Limeide has the highest requirements for the safety of furniture. Most of the project inspections are necessary to obtain the environmental protection and safety test statements given by the prestige official organization.

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