Hospital Furniture Design To Improve Efficiency

- Apr 24, 2019-

Hospital furniture design to improve efficiency

The utility model discloses a daily product, in particular a new type of pedal-compressible trash can. It comprises a housing, a seat plate, a force input bar

a rod, a spring, a connecting rod, a force output lever, a pressure plate and a bracket, wherein the housing is provided with an opening, and the seat plate is fixed on a side surface of the outer casing;

The force input lever is hinged to the housing, and the free end passes through the housing, and the other end is engaged with the bottom end of the connecting rod; the tension spring is disposed on the force input lever

Between the seat plate and the seat plate; the top end of the connecting rod is in rolling engagement with the rear end of the output lever; the bracket is located in the inner cavity of the housing and is fixed to the inner wall of the housing

The force output lever is hinged to the bracket, and the front end thereof is in rolling contact with the pressure plate. a stop plate is disposed in the inner cavity of the housing, and the stop plate covers the shell

The body is divided into a receiving cavity and a moving cavity. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use, greatly improves the amount of garbage contained in the garbage bin, and reduces the dumping of garbage by people.

The number of times has produced a certain beneficial effect.

Hospital furniture design:

The hospital produces garbage in the process of diagnosis, treatment and sanitary treatment. It has the possibility of secondary injury and pollution. In order to reduce the environmental pollution of medical waste and the health hazard to patients and their families, the closed integrated medical waste sorting cabinet is controlled. Indoor infections in various hospitals have improved the hospital environment and played a good role.

According to the type of medical waste, the amount of garbage, and the size of the disposal room, the number and size of the sealed integral storage cabinets are designed; each set of integral storage cabinets has 3 to 5 sub-tanks for infecting and injurious , drug, pathological, chemical waste.

The closed integrated medical waste sorting storage cabinet strengthens the classification and treatment management of medical waste in the ward, effectively controls the transmission, prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria, classifies the garbage, controls the source of infection from the source, cuts off the transmission route, and protects People who are susceptible, prevent medical waste from polluting the environment and spreading diseases.