Hospital Furniture Application Range

- Apr 27, 2019-

Hospital furniture application range

1. Generally, we can all see that all the furniture in the office is hospital furniture. Why is this? Hospital furniture is generally made of cold-rolled steel sheets, and the surface is selected. Electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, and powder electrostatic spraying may be performed by phosphating followed by epoxy.

2, so this process also formed the high hardness of the hospital furniture and strong coloration, so that our application process will not be due to the general impact of the furniture, it will not peel off the paint, there is the kind of The concave condition of the surface.

3. In addition, this steel furniture has the above-mentioned color square, and there is also an interest that it can be used to avoid the occurrence of harmful gases that are not harmful to health during the production process, so this quality guarantee, It will make friends' use process more safe and environmentally friendly.

4, as well as the use of steel furniture, we will feel more light and environmentally friendly and strong interests, such as we can often see many public environment lockers and shoe cabinets are steel furniture, so say it The effect is also widely used.

5, in addition to the steel furniture, we can feel that because of the simple and simple shape and more economic benefits, then the price of this steel furniture is low, and the application time is long and the performance is delimited. Better interest.

6, but also about steel furniture, how long it can be used, it can not feel expired, and there are some steel furniture with folding function, such as some of the folding functions we often have, as well as folding tables and chairs, use There is also the benefit of not occupying a lot of space.

According to the requirements of the modern oral medical concept, the dental clinic is divided into a treatment area, a waiting area, a registered charging area, a disinfection room, a medical staff rest area and a walkway according to the functions of each area. The small dental clinic treatment area is divided into a relatively independent treatment area. Large dental clinics are equipped with one or two oral induction treatment stations in each treatment area, and a specialist is set up. This is convenient for the patient's visit, and is also convenient for the distribution of the items, the cooperation of the oral care and the consultation of the superior dentist. The waiting area is connected to the treatment area, but there are walkways separated. Each waiting area has a service desk to provide services for patient visits and consultation. The desk staff is on schedule,