Green Environmental Protection For Green Hospital Furniture

- Dec 07, 2019-

Green environmental protection  for green hospital furniture

Green environmental protection is the primary criterion for the acquisition of hospital furniture. Experts have indicated that all the panels used in hospital furniture must be required to meet the green-environment-protected targets. In use, other harmful substances that are harmful to the human body can no longer be released. The definition of green and environmentally friendly furniture includes 4 aspects, such as information on the use of furniture, energy saving, low consumption, low pollution, simple recovery and reuse.

The basic guidelines for green hospital furniture planning should start with green environmental protection standards, people-oriented standards, and comfort standards, and involve deepening the brand strategy of user research, data selection, human planning, inclusive planning, collaborative planning, service planning, and hospital furniture planning Planning, and then for each detail, each type of material, including surface treatment, human touch, the entire perspective of the intensive study.

Hospital furniture is strictly planned according to ergonomic principles, not only considering the physiological condition of the human body under static stress conditions, but also paying attention to the physiological condition of the human body under dynamic stress conditions. It will not occur to the human body during normal use and accidental misuse. Adverse effects and damage.

In addition, the planning of hospital furniture should follow the green environmental protection guidelines. It not only requires that medical furniture itself does not pollute the medical environment, but also that it is in harmony with the environment in which it is located. It also requires it to be in harmony with the user, that is, focus on furniture and human physiology, psychology It is consistent with the human-oriented principles, integrating various craftsmanship and artistic skills, expressing the humanistic value of hospital furniture in terms of modeling, materials, and colors, and planning humanized green hospital furniture.

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