Future Prospects To Build A National Doctor Training Platform

- Jun 20, 2020-

On June 6, the Shenzhen Stomatological Hospital (Pingshan) of Southern Medical University jointly established by the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, Southern Medical University and Pingshan People's Government was officially opened. This is the first public stomatological hospital in eastern Shenzhen. Professor Ling serves as the dean.

First of all, in the introduction of doctors, the School of Stomatology of the Southern Medical University has an excellent training system for masters, masters and doctors, which can provide dental professionals with different levels for the hospital. The continuous input of talents is the foundation of the hospital.

Secondly, in terms of talent education, as a professional teaching hospital for stomatology, Shenzhen Medical Stomatological Hospital of Southern Medical University will provide a complete process system for the cultivation of undergraduates and masters of Southern Medical University.

Finally, in terms of academic research, the Department of Endodontics and Stomatology of Southern Medical University has become the national key disciplines of the country and Guangdong Province.It is believed that the academic resources and reputation of the Southern Medical University can help the hospital achieve leapfrog development in the field of stomatology research.

The establishment of the School of Stomatology Clinical Skills Training of Southern Medical University hopes not only to train local stomatology talents in Shenzhen, but also to build a national training platform for serving dental professionals.