Five Ways To Share A Custom Lab

- May 07, 2019-

Five ways to share a custom lab

The laboratory central station is mainly used for experimentation. We are a large laboratory furniture manufacturer directly selling. The company has advanced equipment + special technology + environmental protection materials, and can provide exclusive laboratory space planning and design plan for free. Today is March 7th, sharing with you: five ways to customize the lab bench.

As we all know, the experimental bench can be divided into different types of counters according to the function and material. The quality of the product has an impact on the quality and efficiency of the experimental work, so you need to pay more attention to the quality problem when purchasing. . 1. Check whether the melamine board is used. The selection of this material will cause excessive release of harmful substances. If it is a newly installed experimental device, the ventilation time should be about 3 years, and the summer selection should pay more attention. 2. Ask the merchant about the treatment of the original experimental equipment to avoid secondary pollution. 3. Product stability, not only to check the structure, performance, material of the product, but also to see if the architecture is strong and the binding is firm. 4, the laboratory central station in the selection of materials is getting higher and higher, the selection will have the following deficiencies: 1 strict guarantee that the treatment of phosphating is in place. 2 using a high quality spray process. 3 The production cost is high and the substrate utilization rate is high, resulting in high market sales price. 5, custom labs to find regular manufacturers, price concessions, quality assurance, after-sales service is more intimate.

Laboratory furniture_Laboratory furniture_Your choice, professional laboratory equipment R & D and manufacturing, complete products, rich production experience, know your needs, know your requirements, laboratory furniture, perfect after-sales service to solve you Worry about the situation.

Nowadays, many companies are custom-made in the procurement of laboratory furniture, strictly in accordance with the specific plan configuration, so come, custom laboratory furniture is a good choice. It is said that every line is like a mountain. What should I do if I encounter a bad business? Come to the trick, find a formal manufacturer to cooperate, quality after-sales protection.

1. Pay attention to and pay attention to the manufacturing materials

After many customers choose a good manufacturer, they can directly put forward their own requirements, as long as the final acceptance of the goods is right. And doing so gave some black-hearted manufacturers time and space to steal the pillars. Manufacturing materials is the easiest thing to do, because the customer is a layman, it is exactly what the manufacturer says, so that it is convenient for the manufacturer to get some inferior materials to serve as good goods, in order to obtain more benefits. Therefore, Hanhao Furniture reminds that even if the material does not understand, do not let the manufacturer choose, the customer can first check the knowledge of the relevant materials on the Internet, so that it will not give the manufacturer a chance.

2. Note on functional details

Laboratory furniture is a functional product, so many customers will specify special functional requirements on the purchase list, but this is only the general number and type of functions. For some functional details, many customers do not know much. Don't underestimate the difference in these small functions. Some manufacturers may save some details in order to deliver the goods as soon as possible, and if the customer does not pay attention when accepting the goods, they may be confused by the manufacturers.

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