Customized Laboratory Furniture For Different Purpose Test Benches

- May 06, 2019-

Customized laboratory furniture for different purpose test benches

It is a professional manufacturer of modern laboratory furniture that integrates planning, design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service. The company's main products include laboratory bench, physical and chemical laboratory, ventilation system, purification engineering and overall planning. All wood, steel wood, all steel structure, various specifications and styles of products for customer service selection. The company has a design and development department, professional staff to measure the design, provide CAD plane, three-dimensional, renderings and at-a-glance design. Advanced production equipment has been introduced from Germany, Italy and other countries; standardized management and professional technical personnel have provided guarantees for quality products. Laboratory benches for different purposes to customize laboratory furniture.

Customized test benches include: chemical test benches, instrument test benches, sky platforms, washing stations, etc., with a wide variety. The experimental bench is located in the middle of the laboratory according to the layout of the laboratory, called the island experimental bench; the end of the experimental bench against the wall is called the peninsula test bench; if one of the long sides of the experimental bench is called the side experimental bench. The reagent racks, washing tables, and cabinets that are compatible with them are also different. Some also divide the experimental platform into a single-sided experimental bench and a double-sided experimental bench, the latter actually refers to the island experimental bench and the peninsula experimental bench. 3, according to the structure of the form: divided into fixed and combined

Stationary test bench: There are many forms of fixed test benches, which are still widely used in China. Common countertops and brick supports with reinforced concrete structures, wooden utensils under the counters, white tiles, terrazzo, marble or natural granite on the countertops. These test benches are rugged, high temperature resistant, and stable, and are commonly used in sky platforms, high temperature furnaces, and photometric instruments, but the shortcomings of such test stands are also obvious.

Combined experimental platform: It is divided into several independent parts according to its own construction form, which are separately produced and then combined to flexibly arrange the laboratory, which is convenient for transportation and convenient for serial production.

Standard laboratory configuration requirements, almost no, a qualified laboratory, it is not simply to purchase reasonable equipment, but also to consider the overall planning, rational layout and graphic design of the laboratory, as well as power, water supply, supply The infrastructure and basic conditions of gas, ventilation, air purification, safety measures, environmental protection, etc. need to be based on the planning concept of “safety, environmental protection, practicality, durability, beauty and economy”. Today is March 26, 2019, Road always shares with you: laboratory furniture design concept.

The test bench can be said to be the largest part of the laboratory. The channel between the test bench and the test bench is divided (the channel spacing is represented by L). When L>500mm, one side can be operated by the person; when L>800mm, one side can sit. When man is operating; L>1200mm, one can sit on the side, while standing can be standing, the middle can not be passed; L> 1500mm, both sides can sit, the middle can be passed; L>1800mm, both sides can sit, middle can Can pass the instrument.

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