Correct Interpretation Of Hospital Office Furniture

- May 11, 2019-

Correct interpretation of hospital office furniture

First, the work table

1. Platform check stability.

Regarding the lower weight of the panel, 20KGS, visually measure whether the large desktop board is deformed, and the upper frame is generally covered with felt. Pay attention to the color of the shelves and the table. The desktop board is generally PU paint or UV paint. The tentacle feels more lustrous and firmer than the NC paint, and the paint feels thick. When checking, you should use your hand to pull the table to see if the connection is strict. Set the table to a level of 30. Will the tilt test fall?

2. Cabinets

Regarding whether the drawer head and side panels of the cabinet are straight and unbent, the distance between the drawer heads is common. Pull the drawer back and forth 5~10 times quickly, check whether the drawer wall and the drawer head are tightly installed, whether the guide rail is smooth, and whether the screw of the guide rail is loose. Check if the casters move smoothly and the brakes work. When packing the chest of drawers, add a Polaroid stop in front of the drawer to prevent the drawer from slipping out. Triangle guards are added to the upper and lower corners of the chest of drawers. Large drawers are usually with a pull bar at the bottom. When the test is heavy, both hands are pressed down with 15KGS. The large chest of drawers will be nailed with two triangular pieces (one on each side). For cabinets with a height of 1200 MM or more, a horizontal tie bar is usually added to the back. Food containers with a height of more than 1400MM do not need "quality indication". Check whether the door panel is deformed, whether the switch is tight, and whether the left and right heights are common. 5~10 times switch to see if the hinge falls, and the hinge screw is locked in place. If there is a glass door panel, sometimes the buyer requires double-sided Polaroid maintenance.

3. Work table

The dining table panel is re-standardized to 100KGS. The inspection method is about 60KGS QC personnel walking around on the desktop. QC personnel must also use the force of 45KGS to press the corner of the table to test whether the other side is tilted. When the table is placed horizontally, it is necessary to use the 20KGS force level to infer the test, and pull the table foot outward to test the joint strength of the table legs.

Second, the appearance test

1. The quantity, material and color of the furniture delivered to the installation site by the furniture manufacturer shall be the same as the original order;

2. The method of placing the device after the device is common to the plan design;

3, no irritating taste (this need to wait until the end of the furniture installation to smell, if the formaldehyde is severely over-spending, it will have a glare feeling);

4. All wooden furniture (manager table, staff station, conference table) should be neatly arranged, horizontal and vertical, all horizontal planes should be flat, all facades should be straight, if there is tilt Field device personnel debugging;

The author warmly reminds everyone that the quality tester of the work furniture is very important, so we must remember to be able to, if the bad furniture is selected because there is no quality inspection, the physical damage of the employee is very big.

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