Congratulations On The Official Opening Of Chengdu Landing Lab!

- Oct 27, 2020-

On the morning of August 18, the opening ceremony of Chengdu Landing Medical Laboratory was grandly held in the Medical City of Wenjiang District, Chengdu. Under the leadership of the local manager Liu Xingmei, the operation team of the Chengdu laboratory with President Xu, President Deng, and President Xian as the core worked hard. After nearly a year of preparation, it finally successfully obtained a medical institution license. This is another core laboratory deployed by the company this month after the grand opening of the Landing Changsha Laboratory on August 8th.

     The chairman of the company, Dr. Sun Xiaorong, personally attended the opening ceremony and expressed his warm congratulations on the opening of Chengdu Landing Medical Laboratory. Since 2018, Landing has formulated a national layout strategy for chained independent medical laboratories, determined to use the company’s unique big data and cloud platform advantages to pioneer the internationally first remote automation, intelligence, and data for cervical cancer screening. A standardized and standardized early cancer screening and diagnosis model. Through the hard work of all employees for half a year, a complete data sharing platform that can serve the world’s experts has been established, which has formed the market development and operation of national chain independent medical laboratories. Solid guarantee. The successful opening of Chengdu Landing Medical Laboratory has made the implementation of this strategy another critical step; under the continuous promotion of this market strategy, Landing’s own unique international high-level technology will soon be Apply to China and even all over the world.