Chengdu Independent Medical Laboratory Opened

- Aug 25, 2020-

News from our newspaper (Reporter Zheng Rui) The Chengdu Boao Independent Medical Laboratory, located in Chengdu International Medical City, officially opened yesterday. In the future, Chengdu citizens can predict the incidence of future diseases. With the establishment of Boao, the embryonic form of the Gene Valley being built by the International Medical City has emerged.

The laboratory that is put into operation will provide the audience with nearly 300 molecular diagnostic services in advance, including individual genetic testing chips for disease prediction, which can predict the risk of 68 common diseases and provide intervention plans based on the results to reduce the occurrence of diseases rate.

   The laboratory also signed the Boao Bio-industry R&D Base project with the Wenjiang District Government on the day of its opening.

In addition to the establishment of Boao Bio, the International Medical City also plans to introduce national well-known genetic institutions such as United Gene and Daan Gene. In addition to the Hengchun Zhiyuan stem cell research base stationed in the early stage, the Medical City will form an integrated medical research and development, disease prevention and treatment base. An industrial cluster base integrated with health and vacation.