Celebrating The Opening Of Zhuzhou Huijia Cancer Hospital

- May 22, 2020-

At the unveiling ceremony, the guests present for the hospital introduced the first 256 probe PET-CT in the province and installed the start switch. , Tumor malignant degree judgment, metastasis finding and recurrence monitoring and tumor efficacy evaluation and other fields. In addition, the hospital also introduced China's first high-end equipment such as the first intelligent 3D mammography (three-in-one digital mammography system).


As a new medical model oncology hospital that integrates tumor prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, the hospital introduces international cutting-edge medical resources and is a world-class international cancer hospital composed of the world's top cancer hospitals such as the University of Toronto in Canada and the Ohio University Cancer Center The team reached long-term strategic cooperation.


The hospital's CEO Ma Min said that Huijia Cancer Hospital will integrate the world's most advanced medical concepts, diagnostic techniques, and clinical experience into the construction and management of the hospital, and cooperate with the domestic top three hospitals to establish a "medical union" to jointly provide patients with Standard combined diagnosis and treatment.