Stainless Steel Instrument Cupboard

This stainless steel instrument cupboard conforms to domestic operating room specifications, is convenient for equipment management, and is suitable for various operating room functional requirements.
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Stainless steel instrument cupboard is the basic configuration of modern operating room. It is mainly used to store surgical instruments, medicines and narcotics, etc. It is also equipped with a steel anti-pry lock, each key has an independent number, safe and reliable.

medical stainless steel instrument cupboard


1. size:L1500*W200/500*H900+1080mm,L1200*W200/500*H900+1080mm

2. The handle with metal texture is comfortable and suitable in size.

3. The drawer of this stainless steel instrument cupboard is made of steel ball slide rails, which is silent and not easy to deform.

4. The partition can be raised and lowered, and can also be disassembled, and can be set freely.


1. The use of 5MM thickness 3C safety strengthened glass, high strength and high compressive impact resistance.

2. The exterior of the tempered glass is designed with sealant strips, which can not only play a buffering role, but also block external dust bacteria.

3. When the toughened glass is destroyed by external force, it will break into small obtuse-angle particles like peaks and dens, which is not easy to cause harm to the human body.

stainless steel instrument cupboard for hospital

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