Stainless Steel Infusion Trolley

The table of the stainless steel infusion trolley is equipped with a stainless steel column guardrail to prevent the medicine from slipping; it is equipped with a crook, equipped with an infusion hook, and a handrail is welded on the left side.
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The stainless steel infusion trolley is a kind of infusion trolley specially used for medical institutions. The stainless steel infusion trolley can be used for simultaneous infusion treatment of multiple patients, which is convenient for medical staff to walk between different wards or beds.

stainless steel medical infusion trolley


1. Size:L650*W450*H800mm

2. The stainless steel infusion trolley uses thick stainless steel buckle, which is more durable and not easy to damage.

3. Silent pulley adopts steel ball type track design, light and comfortable to push and pull.

4. The thickened guardrail design makes the round steel tube not hurt your hands, but also prevents items from falling.


1. The operating table is large, and it is also equipped with a drop-proof design, which is more convenient to use.

2. It has a humanized handrail and adopts the curved design of stainless steel tube, which is comfortable to hold.

3. Intimately attached with a dirt basin on the side of the stainless steel infusion trolley, it is more convenient to use.

4. Equipped with wheels made of natural rubber, it has a very quiet effect and can reduce ground friction.

hospital stainless steel infusion trolley

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