Rotating Medicine Shelf

This rotating medicine shelf can solve the problems of laborious storage or retrieval of medicines, inconvenient storage or retrieval of medicines, high labor intensity, and long time for medicine retrieval.
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This rotating medicine shelf uses the principle of the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet very well. Different medicines are separated by each other, and the layers are well-defined. It can be rotated for easy access and easy to find medicine.

Convenient medicine rack


1. Size:W800*H1980mm

2. The process flow is formed by cutting and bending, carbon dioxide protection welding.

3. All workpieces are formed by stamping, bending and welding, and the surface of the welding port is smooth.

4. All corners are rounded and the edges are polished and polished.


1. The rotating medicine shelf can be rotated arbitrarily, which is convenient for taking medicines, and each plate is equipped with movable septa, so that the medicines are placed according to the amount, orderly and orderly.

2. The rotating medicine shelf adopts a multi-layer structure, and each layer is separated by a partition plate, which is convenient for the classified storage of medicines.

3. It is inclined at 17 degrees, the medicine can automatically slide down, which can ensure the first-in first-out and can effectively prevent the medicine from expiring.

medicine shelf

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