Laboratory Fume Hood

in order to ensure the safety of the product reaches the customer's hands, the packaging has strict requirements,
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Product Details

Product Introduction

Laboratory Fume hood is an indispensable part of laboratory furniture.In the laboratory for ventilation and ventilation and Laboratory Fume hood is one of the most important devices used to protect laboratory personnel from exposure to hazardous chemicals and reagents used in laboratory.



Product Parameter

Cabinet Body The cabinet of Laboratory Fume hood body of the fume hood can be made of steel, wood, plastic, stainless steel and other materials according to the requirements of use.
Mesa and Lining BoardCorrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance of all kinds of materials, for high temperature or strong acid and alkali operation of the inner plate to use stainless steel slag and oil electrostatic spraying epoxy resin powder.
Sliding DoorThe transparent glass installed on the surface of the cabinet body keeps users away from harmful chemicals and gases, and enables harmful gases to reach the internal pipes of the fume hood.
Flow DeflectorControl the shape of the airflow through the fume hood, reduce the backflow or eddy caused by the irregular flow of air into the fume hood, and improve the use efficiency (which will affect the noise and static pressure).





Laboratory Fume hood are used in the laboratory to ensure user safety and prevent pollution to the surrounding environment.

After Sales Service

1. Production cycle: 30-45 working days.

2. According to the customer's specific situation, we provide process and design analysis, and provide customers with the best technical solutions based on the experience of previous successful projects.

3. After the sales staff signs the contract, they will continue to track the contract until the product is delivered.

4. For customers who want to go to the factory for inspection before delivery, the sales staff will actively contact and the company will actively cooperate to ensure the smooth progress of the inspection.

if you interested in our product,  we shall be glad to give your our favorable quotations upon receive of your detailed requirements.

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