What requirements should hospital furniture meet?

- Apr 22, 2019-

What requirements should hospital furniture meet?

1. Selection of green building materials: The design of the hospital office should pay more attention to green environmental protection. Apply materials that do not contain volatile inorganic compounds. Before the decoration, it is necessary to specify the materials that match the green building materials stamps of various countries. It is recommended to adopt more severe standards, the lowest The standard should not be lower than the health standard of green building materials. The green hospital office can prevent patients from secondary injury and can effectively improve the important role of patients.

2. Directional requirements: The first consideration for hospital office design is to make the patient familiar with the environment and easy to find the way. In order to effectively solve this problem, we propose to divide the similarly-characterized spaces into the same group so as to determine a reasonable order when arranging the space, and check the entire process to make it easier for patients, caregivers, and medical personnel to use. The simpler the better. At the same time, all the channels and doors are painted with different colors, using different materials for the user to identify, and different colors and shapes can be used to identify various related facilities. This is convenient for patients to quickly seek medical help from emergency personnel, and is also convenient for medical personnel.

3. Ease of use requirements: Stairs, raised floors, narrow door frames, and hard-to-reach cabinets should be avoided. Most patients have temporary mobility problems. In order to allow them to participate independently in their daily activities, it is necessary to have a ramp on the stairs and raised floor and place auxiliary brackets at appropriate locations.


4. Comfort requirements: The hospital is set up to treat patients. The design of the hospital office should focus on maintaining a pleasant environment including sound, light, heat and fresh air. Especially for patients with more sensitive emotions, it is important to stabilize the environmental conditions by using measures such as isolating noise, using natural light, maintaining proper temperature and fresh air to stabilize the patient's condition, which can effectively improve the recovery time of patients.

5. Supporting requirements: The design of the hospital office should help the hospital to carry out its work smoothly. The size of each space, lighting, temperature, ventilation, sound, type and location of hospital furniture, the color of hospital office decoration materials and the quality of showcase production should be properly arranged to achieve a comparable medical showcase production service. Hospital furniture is also very good for the hospital office design to provide a good support.

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