What is nure station?

- Oct 29, 2019-

What is nure station?

With the development of information technology, medical informationization has gradually received attention, and mobile nurse stations are becoming a hotspot for major hospitals. So, what is a mobile nurse station?

Build a wireless network based on the existing LAN of the hospital, establish a hardware platform for information transmission, configure a PDA handheld terminal for the system application front end, and establish a mobile electronic medical record folder, a mobile care system, a mobile infusion system, a mobile material system, and a mobile application server. Meal system, real-time application and information mobilization.

This new mobile medical model not only improves the efficiency of medical care, optimizes the medical service process, but also provides people with more efficient and convenient medical services. It is also conducive to improving the medical level of hospitals, better serving patients, and promoting benign health care industry. Cycle development.