What has the 5G era brought to the hospital operating room?

- Dec 21, 2019-

Renji Hospital combines big data applications with AI medical robots, launches a tripartite cooperative development plan, and uses 5G network coverage pilots to explore smart robot hospitals based on 5G technology for distribution management services, intelligent medical services, and nosocomial infection control measures. How the solution landed.


Launch of "5G + AI" application in Shanghai Smart Hospital


Renji Hospital, China Telecom Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, and Shanghai Timi Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. signed a joint construction cooperation agreement. The three parties will launch a "5G + AI" application demonstration project. The planned experimental scope will include the scientific research building in Renji Hospital. With 18 floors, 31 laboratories, and 28 meeting rooms, we are working together to build the first smart hospital in Shanghai that uses 5G.


According to the agreement, the three parties will carry out in-depth innovative research work in areas such as hospital information construction, medical big data, and smart medical treatment.



The three parties focused on using 5G technology to ensure comprehensive coverage of the hospital's fiber-optic broadband telephone network and mobile communication network, improve the needs of supporting construction of the hospital's scientific research building, targeted construction of hidden network infrastructure projects, and improve network service support capabilities; using 5G cloud computing platform technology To realize the sharing and exchange of medical data, at the same time to provide full assistance to the construction of clinical treatment collaboration and the safety of electronic medical records, and to build advanced telecommunication image cloud archive storage and cloud diagnostic services; meanwhile, it will give full play to the advantages of scientific research and exploration, and advance "Medical Robot Application", co-construction of the "5G Smart Medical" exhibition hall to showcase the results of smart medical exploration.


It is understood that the project will combine 5G network coverage to enable AI robots to implement intelligent applications in changing and complex medical scenarios. Specific application scenarios include:


Remote control of material distribution robots and remote control of reagent material transportation, optimizing hospital material transportation management system;


Visitors' remote appointments and indoor intelligent guidance, remote video confirmation and dialogue;


Remote consultation in the conference room of the lecture hall;


Hospital sense control and remote disinfection, remote control indoor disinfection by disinfection robot to achieve quantitative management of hospital disinfection;


Two-way docking with hospital material management system, and intelligent connection of consumables through big data analysis of medical consumables.


Three major applications of 5G technology in the operating room of Renji Hospital


At present, the logistics robots and medical robots used in Renji Hospital's buildings (including the scientific research building to be opened in October this year) all use 5G technology. Through the 5G network coverage pilot hospitals, big data applications are combined with AI medical robots.


The logistics robot in Renji Hospital's operating room is based on 5G technology for material distribution management. With the speed of 5G, the logistics robot can receive information and task instructions more efficiently and quickly. In addition, compared with the traditional WIFI communication method, the application of 5G-related technologies is more resistant to interference, and the robots communicate with each other more reliably.


Compared with the traditional operating room, the application of 5G technology in Renji Hospital's intelligent operating room is mainly reflected in the three aspects of material distribution, medical services and infection control.

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