What are the hospital (use) homes?

- Apr 14, 2019-

What are the hospital (use) homes?

Furniture has a very close relationship with humans.

From the place where thousands of years ago, sitting in the middle of today’s colorful modern furniture, it has experienced the renewal of the past, whether it is making materials,

The design, structure, color and national characteristics are constantly changing. The history, design, manufacture, decoration, use and maintenance of furniture have become a comprehensive

The concept of medical furniture is also derived from the development of this discipline.

Talking about medical furniture, we must first understand the concept of medical furniture. We have always named this type of furniture as medical furniture. As the name suggests, medical furniture refers to medical reception halls, examination rooms, nursing centers, treatment rooms, pharmacies, laboratories, and hospitals. Furniture for operating rooms and medical care, including beds, row chairs, desks, desks, physician chairs, patient chairs, screens, clinics, nurses' desks, nurse tables, returning vehicles, rescue vehicles, treatment vehicles, and medications. Car, medical car, liquid truck, cart, movable side cabinet, returning car, glass medicine cabinet, classified medicine cabinet, open medicine cabinet, workbench, laboratory, push cabinet, hospital bed, bedside cabinet, basin frame , infusion stand, accompanying sofa bed, guardrail, folding table, conference chair, chair bracket and other furniture have some special requirements in terms of easy cleaning, easy operation, hygiene and design to meet the special needs of specific people.


However, with the development of the times and the economy, we have increasingly found that medical furniture has not only been used in medical fields such as disease prevention centers, health care in various places to prevent diseases, promote health, rehabilitation training, and provide medical assistance for maintaining a healthy and happy life. We can see these furniture in the center, laboratory, scientific research institute, and even ordinary people's homes. Therefore, we have named this kind of furniture as medical furniture, which is mainly used in medical and health care, and meets specific hygiene and operation requirements. .

There are many materials used in hospital office furniture-medical treatment cabinets. The common materials are wooden, steel and artificial stone medical furniture. Today, Wankai hospital furniture manufacturer introduces you to the steel treatment room furniture customization. What are the advantages that make it easier for medical staff to work.

1. It is well known that steel medical treatment cabinets have the advantages of moisture-proof, waterproof, fireproof and corrosion-resistant. In the future, steel hospital furniture is a very large development trend, and the cabinets of steel treatment cabinets have a long service life and are affordable.

2, hospital office furniture - steel medical treatment cabinet has a long life cycle, furniture styles will not be outdated, can provide medical workers with a clean working space, improve the efficiency of medical staff. Compared with traditional hospital furniture, steel homes have better environmental protection, and the furniture is odorless, non-toxic, and smooth.

3. The linear design of the steel medical treatment cabinet is simple, so that the use of furniture will not be outdated for a long time, and the furniture will not produce harmful gases harmful to human health during the use of the furniture, so that employees can use the furniture. It can be safer and more environmentally friendly.

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