The relationship between laboratory furniture and ventilation systems

- Apr 15, 2019-

The relationship between laboratory furniture and ventilation systems

Everyone knows that the laboratory furniture is divided into: the test bench and the high cabinet. The position of the fume hood in the high cabinet is very important in the furniture. It is obvious that the fume hood knows that there must be ventilation when looking at the word, then the ventilation should be counted in the ventilation system or the experiment. Inside the room furniture system?

The fume hood is generally used in laboratories such as physical and chemical rooms, chemical analysis rooms, and synthesis rooms. The fume hoods will also differ in the number of customers' experimental needs. Normal small laboratories are mostly from one to two, I think so The fume hood can be used with a simple 2# small centrifugal fan to meet the requirements, that is, the fan can be directly placed on the fume hood, then this ventilation system I think can be combined in the laboratory furniture ranks.


In general, the number of fume hoods in the synthetic laboratories of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries is definitely a lot. So the simple 2# small fan is definitely unable to guarantee the exhaust air demand, because with the increase of the number of air ducts and elbows, the small fan directly sets the fume hood. If the exhaust volume is definitely not up to standard, then you need a large fan, including large air ducts, elbows, tees, flanges, firestops, electric dampers, manual dampers, etc. The frequency conversion system will be included, including PLCVAVCAV, etc. I think this should be regarded as a ventilation system in a strict sense.

Finally, I think laboratory furniture and ventilation systems are both laboratory equipment, laboratory equipment, and we also have laboratory gas circuit systems, laboratory purification systems, equipment and so on.

Laboratory furniture

1. Center of the laboratory At this time, the space of the central experimental bench is set. Usually, the washing table is set on the longitudinal side or middle of the central experimental bench. The reagent rack is set on the table, and the universal suction hood can also be set.

2. Right side window, side test bench, work table, sky platform, side table reagent rack, universal combination, wall cabinet.

3. Right side door Set the fume hood, test bench, washing station, drying rack, medicine cabinet, locker (the position of the branch is suitable for the connection of the ventilation duct)

4. Left and right doors are usually placed with safety equipment, emergency showers, eye washers, fire extinguishers, etc.

5. Left side door Set the fume hood, side test bench, side table reagent rack, washing station, hanging cabinet, and install large equipment and equipment.

6. Left side window, side table, work table, side table reagent rack, place for large equipment and equipment.

7. Position of the window The space under the window can be set to the side table, test bench, microscope table, and the operation is good.

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