The importance of multi-hospital planning for medical furniture

- Apr 07, 2019-

The importance of multi-hospital planning for medical furniture

At present, how to create a hospital that meets China's national conditions and is aesthetically pleasing, meets the requirements of modern medical procedures for efficient and safe, and has built features has become the focus of construction engineers and hospital administrators who are engaged in hospital planning. Since hospital planning is a very complicated system project, the planners and hospital administrators of hospital planning can truly shape the modern medical environment that meets the requirements of the age as long as they grasp the current development trend of hospital indoor planning.

people oriented

The wide and bright waiting hall with green trees, flowers, vases, paintings, free-spirited fish, soft and comfortable sofas, refreshments, newspapers, and beautiful music provide patients with a pleasant medical experience space, which is planned by the hospital. The first key. There is enough activity space in the ward. Each room is equipped with TV, telephone, and toilet. There are wash basins, toilets and showers inside, so that patients feel intimate and warm, such as the same convenience at home. Especially for patients with weak body, they are equipped with bath stools and handrails, and then show humanistic care. Around the hospital bed, the planned curtains are easy to view and ensure the privacy of the patients.

The organic combination of medical equipment combines active calling, central oxygen supply, central attraction and electrical sockets, and is placed above the bed, which is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.


The “one-stop” service registration, review, treatment, hospitalization, and surgery are accompanied by professional medical doctors; the clinics, emergency departments, inspections, inspections, hospitalizations, etc. are integrated into one, and patients can be diagnosed and viewed in the building. All the links, hospitalization, etc., are very convenient and convenient.

The “centralized” medical layout The “Impression Review Center” and the Special Inspection Department are all set up on one floor, which realizes the sharing of outpatient, emergency and ward resources, all of which are vertically arrived at a short distance, greatly shortening the viewing process.

The “durable” planning should focus on usefulness to prevent unnecessary waste from seeking luxury. Together, it is also necessary to prevent the “expiration” of the plan, thus affecting the application period of hospital construction. The hospital is not suitable for too many decoration and decoration, and the simple and clear space treatment is the first choice. However, medical equipment must be good, such as bathroom equipment, such as heating, ventilation and lighting equipment, must be anti-infective and easy to maintain.

"Energy saving and environmental protection" There is information showing that the energy consumption index of general hospital construction is 2.7 times that of commercial buildings. In recent years, medical construction planning has promoted the concept of “green hospital” to save resources, protect the environment and reduce pollution. This is a clear development direction. In the indoor space planning, a large number of renewable resources such as natural ventilation, natural lighting, solar energy, and rainwater should be used. When selecting materials, try not to choose organic synthesis materials.

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