The future of the medical furniture industry in the next decade

- Apr 10, 2019-

The future of the medical furniture industry in the next decade

In recent years, the custom medical furniture industry has grown rapidly. From the previous single-custom nurse station, the medical room is now transformed to the overall one-stop customization. In the next 5-10 years, in the context of the country's vigorous promotion of the medical environment, Medical furniture will soon enter the second high-speed development

In the meantime, combined with modern technology and the scale of production, the cost structure will also be broken. And determining the survival of the industry is not determined by the relationship, but the concept and price of the product.

Fine management: The future medical furniture industry needs a refined management to provide industry output power for a long time. The more reasonable and accurate the organizational structure of an enterprise, the higher the management efficiency.

Large-scale operation: Looking at the Chinese medical industry, only when it is scaled up as early as possible will it sail in the industry and set foot on the waves!

Brand development: Consolidating branding is the way to open the door to the future, and the market can be thorny.


Medical furniture life

Every year in Guangdong, South China, the air humidity is enhanced, the hospital office furniture will be moldy and prominent. I recommend it to everyone to maintain hospital furniture.

good idea.

It is recommended to buy a bottle of Jianis household anti-fungal agent and apply it on the surface of the furniture.

1. Hospital steel furniture, belonging to environmentally friendly building materials, there will be no waste from production to recycling, and now the process level can fully achieve cycle production.

2. In terms of processing, steel furniture is flexible and can be designed in a variety of shapes and shapes to fully meet the needs of customers.

3. Durability is more wear-resistant and has a very strong anti-corrosion. Greatly enhance the service life of steel furniture. It is also very convenient to maintain.

Electroplated type of medical chair and stainless steel medical office chair how to do daily maintenance.

Need to be aware of the problem: 1. Place the position requirements, need to be placed in a spacious position, the air flow is better.

2. Do not place in wet and humid locations.

3. It is forbidden to wipe medical furniture with a damp cloth.

4. Corrosive gas, corrosive liquid, spilled or splashed, should be wiped in time.

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