Segmentation of hospital furniture and office furniture industry

- Apr 17, 2019-

Segmentation of hospital furniture and office furniture industry

The Chinese office furniture market is broadly divided into office furniture and system furniture. System furniture is divided into banking system furniture and hospital furniture. In the past, Chinese people's understanding of "office furniture" was broadly defined, including public furniture, school furniture, hotel furniture, archive room furniture, bank furniture, hospital furniture. Wait, therefore, most of the domestic office furniture brands in the past historical process, basically in accordance with the "one-use multi-use" model, which has caused great inconvenience to enterprises, professional institutions and government furniture procurement. Once it involves a more professional industry, how to adapt to the exclusive functions under the subdivision has become the shortcoming of most domestic office furniture, and the balance between freedom, privacy, function and simplicity in design. Furniture has brought new ideas, and China has gradually entered the trial stage of the furniture industry segment. However, due to the imprisonment of traditional thinking and the problems left over from history, there are still many resistances in current design and development and market development.

Today's global Internet has driven the rapid development of China's economy. The professional attributes of Chinese companies have become increasingly prominent, the industry classification has become more sophisticated, and the service characteristics of government agencies have become increasingly sophisticated. All of this is challenging the field of Chinese office furniture. Furniture is a veteran contract furniture manufacturer with more than 15 years of history and has extensive experience in this area. From the front end of the product design, furniture takes into account every detail of the office behavior in different areas of expertise. From the communication function in the public area, to the teaching function of the school, to the rehabilitation experience of the medical institution, the furniture has carried out a large number of behavioral investigations on people, so as to design a more ergonomic product series for different environmental functions, and to simplify The modern Western aesthetics unifies the overall appearance of the shape and color. In terms of material selection and process, furniture pays more attention to safety, durability and environmental protection. It has passed ISO certification, China famous brand, green furniture and other honorary titles, multi-party quality management system to ensure product quality, and excellent after-sales guarantee mechanism to complete the quality chain. Reinforcement allows the product to adapt to the quality requirements of various environments.

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