Nurse Station Details

- Dec 13, 2019-

Nurse Station Details

A nurse station is called a nurse's workbench, also known as a nurse's guide or guidance desk. English is "Nursing station". The nurse's station is the big front desk that you can see directly after entering the hospital outpatient door. Representing the image and grade of a hospital or medical institution, the concept of graciousness and elegance must be achieved. Kindness and elegance are the tenets of designing a nurse station, and strive to integrate it with the environment, so that users in the room and those around them feel solid and warm. The design should be novel and generous, and the layout should be reasonable and practical. The shape and color should be specially designed according to the environment and architecture.

There are three types of nurse stations: arc, U, and straight. The curved nurse station is suitable for the lobby of the hospital outpatient building. The specifications are also divided into large and small. Small ones are commonly referred to as guidance desks. U-shaped nurse station is suitable for the lobby of the hospital ward building and other examination floors. ; Line nurse station is suitable for other floors above 2nd floor, or the ward floor of small space.


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