Medical furniture accelerates new materials, green and environmentally friendly

- Apr 05, 2019-

Medical furniture accelerates new materials, green and environmentally friendly

"Medical furniture" can be said to be a new concept. It has only appeared in the public's vision in recent years. With the rapid development of medical technology in China, people's attention to the utility of medical furniture and the space environment of medical construction has accumulated over time. It is more scientific, the planning object is more targeted, the new direction of medical furniture transformation, professional medical furniture accelerates new materials, green environmental protection, and humanization direction.

Our company adheres to the concept of “Green, People-oriented” and has always commented on what kind of furniture is needed in the hospital environment. Different people have different answers to this question. The buyer's request is to satisfy the hospital's application needs, higher cost performance, simple and convenient use, etc. The requirements of medical workers are that they can withstand large quantities, are easy to clean, resist infection, and create a good working environment. As a medical furniture, the real human needs are to relieve the patient's psychological stress, calm the mood and relieve the state of mind. Medical furniture is a very important production tool that reflects the professionalism and operational efficiency of medical behavior. Medical furniture research represents the deep concern of hospital administrators and the care of medical operators. Therefore, we have always been people-oriented in the planning of medical furniture. The planning of medical furniture is not only environmental protection, safety, and usefulness, but also attaches importance to humanistic needs. As a medical furniture, the humanistic concern is to alleviate the psychological pressure of patients, calm the mood, relieve the mood and provide a comfortable and clean working environment for medical personnel.


Medical furniture and general furniture Compared with medical furniture, medical materials require more heat and corrosion resistance, and they must be used for a long time, and the structure is more solid; the color of medical furniture is not as casual as that of home furniture, and it must conform to the style of the hospital, generally with warm colors. Give the patient a feeling of intimacy; the cabinet structure of the medical furniture should be harmonious and fast, convenient to use and also convenient to disassemble the necessary requirements. All the plates used in medical furniture reach the green environmental protection regulations, and other harmful substances harmful to the human body can no longer be released during use. Strictly speaking, environmentally friendly furniture is not only harmless to the human body and the environment during the application process, but also meets environmental protection requirements in the production process and recycling. The materials used in environmentally friendly furniture tend to be natural, and they do not contain harmful substances and do not release harmful gases. Even if it is no longer used, it will not become an environmental burden, easy to recycle and reuse. The materials selected for environmentally friendly furniture should be economical, low-pollution, and easy to recycle. Together with the quality and safety of medical furniture, we must also pay attention to the excellent comfort of the special patients. Combined with the characteristics of medical furniture, it can be seen that medical furniture is a profession in the field, and it is not only the two major areas of furniture and hospital. Understanding the hospital building is the foundation, so that it can deal with the utility and usefulness of furniture in planning and material selection. Civil furniture, hotel furniture, and work furniture are all categories of furniture that are differentiated for specific groups of people and special modes of use. The same, the special doctor-patient group also has their special application needs and methods for furniture. For different medical process, medical furniture has higher professional requirements. For example, the space with large flow of people, the demand for furniture selection is high; the special inspection department requires special corrosion-resistant materials; the work content for physician care, the special planning of cabinet storage requirements, and so on. Because color is the catalyst of the state of mind. People are subjective in the visual aspect of color, especially the mood color of the medical treatment cabinet in the space can always play a role of adjustment, so the rational color combination of space furniture is particularly important in the spatial planning of the clinic. Therefore, we also fully consider the matching color matching when planning, for example, there are two kinds of spatial color, one is the high saturation color warm color called “pre-grab color”, such as: yellow, orange, red, other one. The species are low-saturation cool colors called "back color", such as blue and green. Color matching is often seen in hospital furniture planning. Therefore, in the medical treatment of different departments in the hospital, we will adopt the color scheme of medical furniture and advocate the use of warm colors to calm the patient's state of mind.

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