How to create a perfect nurse station in plastic surgery hospital decoration design

- Jan 08, 2020-

Nurses have an important place in the medical space. 


Therefore, the design purpose of the nurses station is to strive for integration with the environment, so that the users in the room and the people around them feel solid and warm. The design should be novel and generous, and the layout should be reasonable and practical. The shape and color should be specially designed according to the environment and architecture.

In general, the nurse stations we see are of various shapes, including straight, arc, and round. For different spaces, the specifications can be divided into large and small. So how to build a humanized, professional and modern perfect nurse station?

Generally, the radius of the nurse station should not exceed 30m. Comparing the double corridor type with the single corridor type, the former can shorten the building length and increase the building depth, which is beneficial to the structure's earthquake resistance and heating, saves land, and facilitates the nurses' supervision. The room lacks natural ventilation and light, and artificial lighting and air conditioning must be used