How to configure pediatric hospital furniture

- Dec 23, 2019-

The pediatric consultation room and pediatric ward are spaces for children to see a doctor, and it is very important to add a human environment component that is conducive to children's medical comfort. When it comes to pediatrics room ward decorations, pay attention to choosing some creative and interesting soft outfits and hospital furniture. Scientifically and reasonably decorating the pediatric clinic ward is of great significance to soothe the child's mood at the clinic and cultivate a sense of security in the child's diagnosis and treatment.


Early in the "Huang Di Neijing" and "Historical Records" have already described and attached importance to pediatrics. Today, intensive, more environmentally friendly, safer and more intelligent pediatric hospital furniture products will be the development trend of pediatric hospital furniture configuration in the future.

So, how can the furniture of a pediatric hospital be more reasonable?

First, understand the functionality and better configuration

Pediatric consultation room, which is used for the diagnosis and treatment of children. The furniture and facilities are equipped with consultation tables, consultation chairs, patient chairs, examination beds, computers, printers, file cabinets, and wash basins.

家具 Pediatric ward hospital furniture is divided according to functional areas, divided into patient diagnosis and treatment area, medical work area. The patient diagnosis and treatment area is subdivided into 8 functional areas, and the medical work area is subdivided into 6 functional areas.

Eight functional areas for rickets diagnosis and treatment:

Wards for patients. Furniture and facilities are set up as beds, bedside tables, lockers, closets, accompany chairs / shared cots, and televisions.

Nurse station, used for nurses 'work, admissions, etc. The furniture and facilities are set as computers, medical records carts, data cabinets, chairs, and open accessible nurses' workbenches.

Dispensing area is used for temporary and night-time dispensing. The furniture and facilities are set up as dispensing tables, medicine cabinets, equipment cabinets, treatment cars, wash basins and refrigerators.

药 The medicine changing room is used for the aseptic treatment of sterile incision dressing change. The furniture and facilities are set as medicine cabinets, equipment cabinets, aseptic cabinets, treatment cars, and hand washing stations.

Dining room is used for patient catering. The furniture and facilities are set as catering table, microwave oven and boiling water machine.

The warehouse is used to store quilts, medical consumables, equipment and other uses. The furniture and facilities are set up as cabinets and storage racks.

The decontamination washing room is used for the cleaner's work area, and the furniture and facilities are set as clean water basins and hand-washing tables.

Cleaning room, used for the cleaner's work area, furniture and facilities are set as cleaning tools, rest chairs.

Six functional areas for medical and nursing work:

Doctor's office, used for doctor's office, study, medical record writing, configured as a doctor's desk and chair, computer, file cabinet, wash cabinet / wash basin.

Director's office, used for office and reception, configured as a doctor's desk and chair, computer, sofa, coffee table, filing cabinet, wash cabinet / wash basin.

Meeting room, used for meetings, shifts, and case discussions. It is equipped with conference tables, chairs, reading lamps, and wash basins.

Doctor duty room, for doctors on duty, configured as high and low duty bed, wash basin.

Nurse on duty room for nurses on duty, configured as high and low duty beds and wash basins.

Medical bathing and changing room for medical bathing and dressing, configured as medical locker, toilet and shower facilities.

Second, warm and friendly environment

Children require special environment for medical environment, safety, humane care, etc., and pay attention to warmth. In the diagnosis and treatment space, the ward and the surrounding medical environment, cartoons, trojans, and plastic slides can be posted to optimize the environment. Safety protection must have anti-fall facilities and anti-collision measures. The matching furniture should be green, comfortable, and safe; the colors should be cheerful, interesting, or have the function of reading and learning, etc., to create a harmonious and peaceful warm atmosphere, which will help children's mental health.

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