How to choose hospital interior decoration design materials? YDP Medical gives some advice

- Dec 24, 2019-

How to choose hospital interior decoration design materials? YDP Medical gives some advice

The hospital is a special living environment that "rescue death and help the wounded". The interior decoration must first meet the use of its medical services. At the same time, patients and hospital staff who come to the hospital also hope to be in a safe, clean, quiet, healthy and comfortable The environment is receiving treatment or work.


Creating an excellent medical living environment is the common goal of hospital builders, including medical staff and patients and their accompanying visitors. The medical service function and the particularity of the medical living environment make the choice of hospital decoration design materials have higher standards and requirements than ordinary buildings, and must meet the principle requirements and related norms of many aspects such as medical safety. The basic principles for selecting materials for interior decoration design of a hospital include the following aspects:



Meet medical functions and medical safety needs: meet hygienic requirements


Meet fire safety requirements: Minimize windowless rooms


Meeting the needs of nosocomial infection control: ensuring a safe, tidy and healthy hospital environment


Meet hospital environmental safety requirements: protect patients from secondary harm


Meet hospital noise control requirements: create a quiet and comfortable environment for diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation


Meet the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and healing environment in hospitals


Meeting medical functions and medical safety needs


The hospital is a special place for "rescue and help the wounded". The choice of interior decoration design materials for the building must meet the basic needs of its use of medical services and guarantee of medical safety.


Convenience Service Center


All interior decoration design materials must be based on the principle of not disturbing the diagnosis and treatment services and ensuring the safety of medical services. And different medical function rooms have different interior decoration requirements and standards, and interior decoration design materials have different selection requirements. The current relevant norms and standards include "General Hospital Building Design Code" (GB51039-2014), "General Hospital Construction Standards" (Official version in 2008), "Technical Specifications for Construction of Hospital Clean Surgery Department" (GB 50333-2013), "Requirements for Medical X-ray Diagnostic Radiation Protection" (GBZ 130-2013), etc.


The common mistake defects of hospital building decoration design materials are the color design of hospital building decoration and the choice of interior lighting materials. "General Hospital Construction Standards" (2008 official version) clearly requires "the architectural decoration and environmental design of general hospitals should be conducive to the patient's physical and mental health, reflecting the characteristics of fresh, elegant and simple industry. The color design of general hospital buildings and Indoor lighting should meet hygienic requirements. "


Many designers who have no experience in hospital decoration design often only pay attention to the previous sentence, and today are very popular in pursuing the design of the healing environment. The innovative application of color in the diagnosis and treatment places often ignores and violates the latter sentence "color design and interior Lighting should meet the requirements of the "Hygiene requirements".

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