Hospital-specific furniture pest control skills

- Apr 12, 2019-

Hospital-specific furniture pest control skills

Hospital-specific furniture is an indispensable tool in the display of goods. With its convenient and exquisite features, it has made all kinds of hospital-specific furniture widely used by commodity merchants in reality. Can be divided into wood hospital special furniture and plastic hospital special furniture. As a wooden hospital-specific furniture, are you worried about the corrosion of mites suddenly after using it for a while?

The reason why hospital-specific furniture is long-term worms is that most of the hospital-specific furniture is soaked in moisture, so that it can not be timely treated. Over time, the inside will breed mites, followed by mold, mites and so on. So how do we avoid it getting wet?


This is also a good solution. For example, in the rainy season, the continuation of the rainy season will cause the hospital-specific furniture to absorb too much water and thus get wet. Therefore, we can consciously put tiles on the four corners of the hospital-specific furniture when installing hospital-specific furniture. Of course, at the same time, in order not to affect its aesthetics, you can also put a beautiful waterproof paper on the surface of the tile, so that you can achieve two things.

Secondly, hospital-specific furniture should be installed as far as possible from walls, windows and other places that are prone to moisture. If the hospital-specific furniture is inadvertently damp, it doesn't matter. At this time, you should use a soft rag to wipe it carefully, and then move the hospital-specific furniture to the sun for a while. This makes it easy to absorb moisture, and regular sun baths can prevent hospital-specific furniture from being wet, moldy, and can also prevent mites.

Hospital-specific furniture maintenance is just like that, there is no technical content, this is a series of detailed factors, as long as the details are handled well, it will not be a problem.

No matter what you do, the details are a super important factor, and the products in our office furniture, hospital-specific furniture, are no exception. Our hospital furniture manufacturers must pay attention to many details when they want to carry out further maintenance work on this hospital special furniture.

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