Hospital furniture should meet the psychological needs of patients

- Apr 13, 2019-

Hospital furniture should meet the psychological needs of patients

The demands of medical care and patients present a variety of characteristics, and hospital furniture design can mainly include two aspects:

1. I hope that the hospital can bring people a sense of intimacy, and all services will be gradually improved in the direction of humanization;

2, I hope to see the hospital's professionalism and rigor, so that patients can be assured of the doctor's proposed treatment.

And now there are some hospital furniture manufacturers still staying in the initial stage of solving the needs of medical patients, Wankai hospital furniture has changed the hospital's long-term cold and rational image.

Hospital furniture is only a small part of the hospital, but green hospital furniture is indeed the crowning touch in the green hospital indicators. Green medical furniture refers to medical furniture that can meet the specific requirements of users in a medical environment, safe, comfortable, beautiful, durable, pollution-free, ergonomically designed and processed.


As we all know, the Chinese Hospital Association organizes the basic requirements for the “Green Hospital Building Evaluation Standards”, including hospital building energy consumption, hospital furniture safety performance, medical procedures, indoor and outdoor environment, etc. The core content is the optimization of hospital sites and the rational use of land. Energy conservation and energy utilization, water and water use, hospital indoor air quality, operational management and innovation. This standard has become the goal of the planning and design of new hospitals in China. Everyone is striving for a green hospital.

Modern hospital furniture "people-oriented" design purposes, humanized design should run through the entire field of furniture design customization, providing a good medical environment for patients and patient furniture, but also provide a comfortable and efficient workplace for medical staff, improve The work efficiency of medical staff is to provide better services for patients, realize the humanistic value of hospitals, and promote the healthy development of society.

Now the hospital halls are relatively large, generally designed with two levels of heightening or a larger sharing space. Hospital furniture should use antibacterial materials and materials that are resistant to dirt, and can withstand long-term tests. In addition, the design of the hospital hall should be open and have a good ventilation space, so that the sun can enter the space of the hall.

The hospital furniture design of the treatment space should let the patients feel the care and respect of the hospital. With the continuous development and advancement of modern technology and the extensive application of intelligent information in the medical field, the call system can greatly reduce the uneasiness of waiting patients, and patients only need to carefully wait for their respective numbers in their respective orders.

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