Hospital furniture procurement requirements and standards

- Apr 09, 2019-

Hospital furniture procurement requirements and standards

(1) General requirements

All furniture materials meet the GB 24820-2009 "General Technical Conditions for Laboratory Furniture" and GB 18584-2001 "Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials" and GB/T 3325-2008 "General Technical Conditions for Metal Furniture" Requirements. Professionalism, harmonious surrounding environment and durability.


(2) Technical parameters of raw materials:

Electrolytic steel sheet: in accordance with ISO 11885:2007, GB/T 1555.4-1995 "Determination of hexavalent chromium in solid wastes - Dibenzocarbazide spectrophotometric method", GB/T 26125-2011 "Electrical and electrical products, six restricted substances ( Determination of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated stupid and polybrominated diphenyl ethers. ※ Cd≤0.01, Pb≤0.1, Hg≤0.1. ※ Polybrominated bipartite mg/kg≤1000, polybrominated diphenyl ether mg/kg≤1000.

Medical artificial stone: according to JC/T 908-2013 "artificial stone" standard: ※ 1 total stain resistance value ≤ 64, * 2 wear resistance ≤ 0.6g, 3 chemical resistance: the surface of the solid surface material sample should be no obvious Loss and mild damage can be removed by rubbing with 600 mesh sandpaper. The degree of damage should not affect the usability of the board and does not affect the use of the board. 4 Radioactive protection classification control: Class A decoration and decoration materials internal exposure index: Ira≤1.0, Class A decoration and decoration materials External exposure index: Ir≤1.3.

Guide rail: According to QB/T 2454-2013 "Furniture Hardware Drawer Guide" standard: ※ 1 Operation force When the load weight is M<40kg, the thrust or tension is ≤50N; ※ 2 durability is 50,000 times; ※3 vertical static load 200N ; * 4 horizontal static load 100N; 5 sinking should not exceed 4% of the length of the drawer guide; 6 three-section guide rail, the body can be fully extracted, with smooth pull, silence.

Lock: According to GB/T 3325-2008 "General technical conditions for metal furniture" standard: physical and chemical properties of metal plating layer: * 1 salt spray resistance (18h, rust point below 1.5mm ≤ 20 points / dm2 ≥ 1.0mm rust point No more than 5 points (not within 2mm from the edge of the edge), 2 has a low key repetition rate, exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful appearance.

Door hinge: According to QB/T 2189-2013 "Furniture hardware cup-shaped dark hinge" standard: 1 Operating force Before and after the durability test, the closing force of the cup-shaped dark hinge with automatic closing device should be greater than 0.5N; 2 in durability Before and after the test, the opening and closing force should not exceed 20N; * 3 vertical static load 20kg; * 4 horizontal static load 30N; * 5 durability 50,000 times;

Spray powder: According to HG/T3950-2007 standard: 1 Antibacterial powder coating, average bacterial recovery (cfu/tablet) after 24h of blank control sample: ※ Escherichia coli resistant (fine) bacteria rate>99.99%, ※ Staphylococcus aureus resistant (fine) bacteria rate>99.99%. 2 Antibacterial powder anti-mildew performance level 0, anti-fungal durability energy level 0, rating standard: 0 grade - not long, that is, no growth observed under the microscope (magnification 50 times); grade 1 - trace growth, that is, visible growth, but visible growth Growth coverage area less than 10%; (Aspergillus niger AS3.4463, Penicillium funiculosum AS3.3875, C. globosa AS3.4254, Paecilomyces variabilis AS3.4253, Aspergillus terreus AS3.3935, Aureobasidium pullulans AS3 .3984) It has the advantages of environmental protection, bacteriostatic, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, high insulation, strong adhesion and friction resistance.

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