Hospital furniture is strictly planned in accordance with ergonomic principles

- Apr 06, 2019-

Hospital furniture is strictly planned in accordance with ergonomic principles

The hospital furniture is strictly planned according to the principle of ergonomics. It not only considers the physiological condition of the human body under static stress, but also pays attention to the physiological conditions under the dynamic force of the human body. It will not be produced to the human body under normal use and accidental misuse. The impact of damage and damage. In addition, the planning of hospital furniture should comply with the principle of green environmental protection. It is not only required that the medical furniture itself does not pollute the medical environment of the place. It is required to be in harmony with the environment of the place. It is also required to be in harmony with the user, that is, to emphasize furniture and human physiology and psychology. Based on the principle of people-oriented, we summarize various craftsmanship and artistic skills, and express the humanistic value of hospital furniture in terms of styling, materials and colors, and plan humanized green hospital furniture. The planning of contemporary green hospital furniture is still based on whether the utility connotation is maximized. Hospital furniture not only refers to the use of furniture planning, but also includes aesthetic functions, civilized functions and other content. The styling characteristics, visual experience and civilized atmosphere of green hospital furniture are undoubtedly the main factors. The function of hospital furniture is an important factor that constitutes the spatial environment of green hospitals. It is meaningless to talk about the beauty of hospital furniture. Green environmental protection is the primary norm for hospital furniture procurement. Experts indicate that it is necessary to require all the plates used in hospital furniture to reach the Green Circle environmental protection rules, and in use, no other harmful substances harmful to the human body can be released. The definition of green furniture includes four aspects, such as the use of furniture, energy saving, low consumption, low pollution, simple recovery and reuse.


In addition to satisfying medical functional needs, medical furniture should also be satisfied with the requirements of humanization. The hospital furniture use population is mainly two parts, one is the staff of the physician care and the other part is the patient. The calculation shows that the average daily outpatient service of hospitals at the county and city level is 5,000, and the peak daily average outpatient service of provincial hospitals often exceeds 10,000. The flow of people is large, the furniture is simpler and worn out. Compared with the furniture of other places, the furniture of hospitals has higher requirements in terms of safety, humanization and acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, the wear resistance and durability of hospital furniture have become an important consideration in procurement.

In addition to satisfying the durability requirements, medical furniture must also have the characteristics of laboratory furniture, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. For example, medical storage cabinets and medical equipment cabinets must be protected against moisture, cross-infection, and abrasion resistance. The medical dispensing cabinet handle must be rust-proof.

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