Hospital furniture functional practical design

- Apr 23, 2019-

Hospital furniture functional practical design

As a place closely related to life, hospitals are not enough to rely on doctors' medical skills and sophisticated equipment. The establishment of a good hospital space environment and atmosphere is also one of the key factors. Therefore, hospital furniture should meet the needs of patients in functional and practical design. The needs of medical staff, in practical applications, should provide corresponding hospital furniture solutions according to their different regions and doctors and patients.

The intrinsic requirements conveyed by the practical functions of modern hospital space environment hospital furniture, that is, the design and treatment of the hospital's large environment, combined with the structure, layout, materials, technology, color, shape and environmental protection of hospital furniture, the right effect .

Hospital furniture must have good functionality and practicality. The function of hospital furniture must be fully considered when it is in the design stage. It must not only have good practical functions in use, but also facilitate maintenance, repair and transportation.

The functional model of hospital furniture design can be divided into basic functions and special functions. Yimei Medical focuses on human characteristics, attaches importance to humanity, takes people as the foundation, and deeply grasps the functionality and provides practical and functional hospital furniture in line with professionalism. The functional design features of hospital furniture are reflected in:

Hall hospital furniture design (inquiry, registration, charge)

The pursuit of style, comfort, revealing the high technology and authority of the hospital itself, so that patients have a sense of trust in the hospital;

As a hospital that integrates functional and ornamental products, the nurse station must be both internal and external. Reasonable work area, easy to classify and store items, improve the efficiency of medical staff; safe and convenient concealed wiring function, help the hospital to carry out 5S management for medical staff;

The registration and toll booths serve as a window for the hospital. We strive to make the staff work in a comfortable, efficient and convenient environment, saving valuable time for the patients. The product design pays attention to the operation and process, and is suitable for the storage design of the work flow. The comfortable height and width, the reasonable layout structure make it easier to organize the desktop data, the tools are more neat and orderly, and the good furniture can better assist the work and treat the disease. Suffering from creating a good environment and a good mood.

Consult the hospital design of the triage hospital

In addition to the repetitive labeling guidelines, the consultation and consultation desk should be designed with simple, durable, medium and high-grade furniture materials.

The help desk is an important area in the hospital. It is a public display part of the hospital, representing the overall image and grade of the hospital. The help desk should be aesthetically pleasing, attractive, practical and functional, and should be coordinated with the overall design style of the hospital to maintain coordination and unification with the overall space;

The consultation desk, called the nurse workbench, is also called the nurse guide or nurse station. English is "Guidance Station". The consultation desk (nurse station) is the big front desk that people see directly after entering the hospital clinic door. Representing the image and grade of a hospital or medical institution, to achieve a friendly and elegant concept. Intimate and elegant, it is the design of the guide desk, and strives to integrate it with the environment, so that the users in the room and the people around them should feel solid and warm. The design should be novel and generous, the layout should be reasonable and practical, and the shape and color should be designed according to the environment and the overall decoration style.

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