Hospital furniture function room brief

- Oct 21, 2019-

Hospital functional room furniture refers to the furniture configuration of the hospital scientific research department, and the functional room is a small laboratory, a PCR laboratory, and the like.

The small non-laboratory laboratory is a place for rapid analysis and identification of bacteria, microorganisms and various body fluids (urine, tissue fluid, etc.) and biochemical immunization projects, providing a reference for accurate diagnosis of doctors.

The function room needs to be equipped with an exhaust system and adopt a certain disinfection method.


The function room is divided into a clean area and a contaminated area, and the areas should be separated by a partition. Because of the limited space in small laboratories, the workbench is usually located at the side of the wall, and large and main instruments are placed in the middle of the house.

The hospital functional room furniture configuration is divided into 4 aspects:

First, the contaminated area

The contaminated area is an inspection experimental area, with a console, an automated immune monitor workstation, and various inspection analyzers.

Second, the cleaning area

The cleaning area is mainly for the dressing area and office area, and the workstation is set up to complete the uploading of the inspection data through the internal network system.

Third, the receiving window

The receiving window acts as a sample to be inspected for receipt and transmission through the receiving window.

Fourth, the experimental exit

Non-manual hand washing devices and emergency eyewash devices are placed at the laboratory exit.

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