Furniture to share with you the maintenance of steel medical furniture:

- Apr 19, 2019-

Furniture to share with you the maintenance of steel medical furniture:

Elegant and elegant, fashionable and trendy, simple and casual, solid and durable steel office medical furniture is the most common in the office, especially steel filing cabinets, security cabinets, movable cabinets, sliding door cabinets, low cabinets, door drawers, ideal cabinets. , newspaper racks, magazine racks, office furniture and other products, choose a good medical furniture company is also very important, steel furniture is an indispensable document storage tool in the office. Steel office sofa coffee table medical furniture is presented in the buy table, the maintenance method can be wiped with a soft cloth, but must avoid the rough, solvent or wet cloth wipe, these are the main cause of rust.

8 methods for medical furniture maintenance:

1, medical furniture should be placed in the air circulation. Dry place, do not be close to the fire source or wet walls, do not be exposed to the sun, often the sun will make the metal parts easy to oxidize and deteriorate.

2, the dust on medical furniture should be gently removed with feather duster, try not to scrub with water, it is necessary to wipe with a damp soft cloth, do not use alkaline water, soap water, washing powder solution to scrub, so as not to affect the paint Brightness or cause the surface paint to fall off.

3, the cabinet type of medical furniture should be lifted off the ground when moving, do not hard pull hard push, so as not to loose or damage the legs.

4, sofa, soft bed medical furniture should be placed in a dry place. To prevent the internal spring from rusting and affecting the elasticity.

5, do not put acid, alkali corrosion substances on the table, do not let open water, aluminum pot, hot iron and so on.

6, the floor of the medical furniture must be kept flat four legs evenly on the ground, especially the chair, should pay attention to the four legs evenly stressed.

7, the desktop stain treatment method can be wiped with a soft cloth stained with oil, can be restored as bright as new, especially the tape is highly sticky, not easy to wipe, to the oil is the best cleaning agent, but the skin is not good, should be avoided Long-term contact.

8. If the drawer does not slide smoothly, you can purchase the WD-40 lubricating fluid spray rail at the hardware store. If the drawer surface of the chest of drawers is tilted, one-third drawer can be pulled out, and the cabinet body can be pressed down on the left and right sides to restore the flat appearance of the drawer surface.

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