Evidence-based design concept for medical furniture

- Apr 16, 2019-

Evidence-based design concept for medical furniture

With the improvement of medical institutions' attention to patient safety, patient medical experience, and the improvement of patients' demands for medical treatment, the design and selection of medical furniture is increasingly valued by medical institutions and architectural design agencies. The demand for the use of medical furniture has evolved from meeting a single functional requirement to meeting the needs of different people in the healing, rehabilitation and even life. The design requirements for medical furniture have also met the basic needs. Develop design standards that are safer, more comfortable, more convenient, more aesthetic, more economical, and more durable. The Center for Health Design concludes Evidence-based Design based on extensive evidence-based research, industry standards, and the requirements and standards of the Facility Guideline Institute. The key factors to consider when choosing medical furniture under the concept are to provide reference for medical institutions to purchase medical furniture. The medical furniture targeted in this list is mainly seat, bedding and accessories that are not included in the management of medical devices.


This list not only provides management tools for medical industry leaders and medical institution managers, but also provides communication tools for architectural design teams and medical furniture manufacturers to promote high quality, safety and economy. Medical furniture. This list can be used at any stage of the strategic planning of medical furniture, whether it is the design phase or the operational phase, such as:

1. Evaluate the manufacturer's product manual and website

2. Meet with manufacturers and furniture dealers to evaluate their furniture

3. Check the expected life of existing equipment and furniture

4. Cooperation with the Infection Control and Safety Committee of the medical institution

5. Cooperate with interior designers to evaluate the function, room layout and product specifications of the recommended furniture

6. Conduct investment return analysis

7. Formulating contract terms for renting or purchasing furniture

8. Conduct post-use assessment

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