Difference between hospital furniture and ordinary furniture

- Apr 11, 2019-

Difference between hospital furniture and ordinary furniture

1. The difference between hospital furniture and ordinary furniture is ordinary furniture: mainly pay attention to the furnishings related to the numerology of the individual and the family, pay attention to the orientation of the furniture, and then cooperate with the furnishings. Hospital furniture: It is mainly based on the functional and medical procedures of different departments to design layout, improve work efficiency and prevent infection.

2. The difference between the design of hospital furniture and ordinary furniture. Ordinary furniture: mainly based on diversified colors, new trends and flexibility. Hospital furniture: In addition to the above characteristics design, its design concept is more diversified, mainly designed to fully meet the functions of different department special effects.


3. The difference between the material of hospital furniture and ordinary furniture The hospital furniture material is more green and environmentally friendly than ordinary furniture. On this basis, it is more resistant to chemical reactions. To ensure the anti-corrosion, anti-moisture and anti-mildew effects, the most important point is To have an anti-infective effect.

4. The difference between the style of hospital furniture and ordinary furniture The main reason for ordinary furniture is to match the interior decoration style. The hospital furniture is mainly to blend with the multi-directional and multi-angle architectural design styles of the hospital's overall architecture and indoor space environment.

The historical development of hospital furniture and ordinary furniture in the period of slave class society, furniture has been used in general, mainly family-style, pub teahouses are all used to buy home-style furniture, the style is simpler, the craft requires careful craftsmanship The craftsmanship of the craftsmen is very demanding.

Hospital furniture began as a kind of furniture in public places, which was later subdivided. It is mainly the acceleration of management and technology development in all aspects of medical systems since the 1980s. In terms of furniture production, it is required to clearly distinguish it from ordinary furniture. In the hospital's furniture, the pace must keep up with the needs of the times, apply to hospitals, and promote hospital development. As a result, the demand for medical furniture is getting higher and higher, making it different from ordinary furniture and more practical furniture.

With the acceleration of the times, the continuous advancement of science and technology, the quality of life of people continues to improve, and the various needs are constantly improving. Furniture styles, furniture colors, etc. have undergone tremendous changes. According to the function, the furniture can be divided into family furniture, hotel furniture, school furniture, public place furniture, laboratory furniture, hospital furniture, 6 factions (series), family furniture is family-based furniture series, hotel furniture is specialized hotel The furniture series, school furniture is a series of furniture mainly for schools, hospital furniture is a series of furniture based on hospitals, and so on.

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